Giant 11- Foot King Cobra Rescued From Kyari Village

Jim Corbett National Park

Lockdown has become practical for both humans and nature. Climate is becoming more apparent, and it had made animals and birds happy. They are easily roaming around without worrying about human civilization. As lockdown continues due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are witnessing many incidents throughout India. Some of them are very interesting yet frightening.” Jim Corbett National Park Booking Online Here”.

In these incidents, coming out of snakes has become another remarkable agenda. Especially in Uttarakhand, people are getting more scared of the snake coming out during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Jim Corbett National Park

The surrounding area of Jim Corbett National Park has become one of the favorite places for snakes. Usually, this Himalayan forested wildlife sanctuary is famous for its biodiversity and tiger reserve. This forest is home to over 586 species of migratory birds, 33 species of reptiles, 36 species of dragonflies, and seven amphibians. Many people come here for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to enjoy the thrill of this national park.

Jim Corbett National Park

However, the thrill is still there, even without tourists. As we mentioned before, this wildlife sanctuary is witnessing many incidents during the lockdown. One such thrilling incident is an 11-foot tall giant King Cobra entering Kyari village at Ramnagar. This small village is located around a mango orchard and thick trees, closer to Jim Corbett. Many tourists come here to enjoy their vacation while witnessing perfect natural surroundings.

According to our sources, the local people of Kyari village first found this giant King Cobra in a water canal. Then, they informed the recuse team of the forest department. Many residents from other villages gathered to see the 11 foot King Cobra. This is not the first time when the villages of Ramnagar have witnessed the snake coming incidents. This is why the forest representatives have asked the villagers to alert the rescue team as soon as they find any poisoned snake. It will help them to avoid any dangerous incident regarding snakes coming out.

According to Pradeep Rawat, the director of De Floresta Resort, this King Cobra weighed around 7.5 kg. The species of this snake is among the longest poisoned snakes in the world. However, they usually don’t bite anyone as they are afraid of humans.

On the other hand, the villagers have to be more careful about these snakes. The rescue team had instructed the villagers to alert them as soon as possible instead of killing the snake.

Trip to Jim Corbett Park and its Surrounding in the Lap of Nature

Jim Corbett National Park

Being a small town in Uttarakhand, the place attracts many visitors throughout the year. It serves as the oldest gateway to the most famous wildlife sanctuary, Jim Corbett National Park. Ramnagar falls in the district of Nainital, located on the edge of the river Kosi bank. Several tourists come to this Kumaon region to see the royal Bengal tiger and other wild beasts.

Ramnagar – A town of Simplicity and Natural Beauty

If you wander throughout the region, you will see the beautiful fruit orchids, inhaling the entire area of Ramnagar. Instead of April’s high temperatures to June, the place endows beautiful luscious litchis and juicy mangoes, hanging on the trees all over the roadside. The region experiences massive stormy rainfall in the monsoon season, and traveling becomes dangerous in Jim Corbett Park.

Jim Corbett National Park

The state government recommends not to travel in Uttarakhand during the monsoon season. Although winter attracts many tourists to the place, the animals along the Jim Corbett National Park plants frolic in their natural habitat, enjoying the chilly weather of the region.

To make your trip memorable, take out time to explore Ramnagar and the region near Ramnagar city.

Jim Corbett National Park– The park bestows many animals, especially the royal Bengal tigers. Safaris attract many tourists, throughout the year, before obtaining Jim Corbett Safari Booking to get a luxurious experience in the park. The woodland offers numerous colors in different vistas.

It comprises five zones; each zone provides equal distribution of animals to the tourists. Sitabani forest also gives shelter to the extraordinary birdlife of the region. You can explore the forest on foot, making it a bird watcher delight. Opt for Jim Corbett Booking to enter the park.

Corbett Waterfalls- the place endows a place to relax amid nature. Nature lovers would find peace in this place. It is a place for trekking, and the locals often come to the site for a picnic in this area. The waterfalls from65 feet, offering a serene view to the tourists and nature lovers.

Corbett Museum- As a museum offers some interesting facts about the region, you can visit the museum of the park. You can also know the park’s history and the famous hunter Jim Corbett, alongside you can buy handicrafts products and art crafts for here.

Kosi River– The bank is a famous spot for migratory birds, and visitors often spot animals who come here to quench their thirst for the river in the heart of the summer. The river attracts a lot of wildlife in the month of summer, making a picturesque view to the visitors.

Suppose you plan a trip to this park, book for Jim Corbett Packages for an unruffled journey. Without delay, book the tickets, and get the enchanting view of nature in Uttarakhand.

Encouraging Women Participation in Corbett

As women are walking simultaneously in every field, with male counterparts in every platform, Jim Corbett National Park is engulfing the same trajectory. The State Government of Uttarakhand has taken a vital initiative of deploying women engagement in the forest department’s work. They are accommodating women in the role of Gypsy drivers as a forest guide in the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve. Women are showcasing a lot of enthusiasm and proving themselves in every field, and in the future, they will be comparatively working better than their male counterparts.

Women working in the Jim Corbett National Park

At an event in the Ramnagar city, the state minister and some of the first officials announced that recently fifty women were deployed in forest nature guides, and 50 women are indulged as gypsy drivers in the Jim Corbett Park. They will be provided with pro[er training, so that won’t come in the grip of any wildlife beats. Millions of tourists come to this park every year to explore the first on an open gypsy. Safaris, cultivate as the jungle’s major attraction, as the forest guide can show them a better path to see the tigers quite easily.

Also, this is the first time that any wildlife sanctuary is engaging any women as Gypsy drivers. With this initiative, we will give opening chances and opportunities for jobs to the women.

The Intention Behind this initiative in the Jim Corbett Park

The state government also revealed that they had taken this initiative to give a better livelihood to the women. They can also get an opportunity to earn more for their survival in this bitter but beautiful world. This will also address gender discrepancy, which many parts of our country are still facing. Women play a vital role in the economy and the ecological system; this is why their empowerment is the topmost priority of our nation.  opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to board the gypsies in the park.

At present, around 105 male nature guides are working in the different zones of the forest. They are equally divided to guide the tourists in the woods. The Jim Corbett tiger reserve is well known for its majestic Royal Bengal Tigers, followed by other wild felines, like Indian Jackal, Deer, Elephant, Sloths, reptiles, and a wide variety of birdlife.

Advantages of Jim Corbett Packages 

Many tour packages are bestowing enormous facilities in Jim Corbett Park; they will help you with a tailor-made trip to the park. They also reduce travel costs, as they shoulder all the responsibility from booking tickets, reservation of hotels, and food. What will be better than a stress-free trip in the park with your family or your beloved one?