Points to Remember Before Visiting Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a famous tourist spot and a wild place in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. This tourist park is a go-to spot among wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. Not only them, but birdwatchers also like to visit here during the winter season because it’s home to around 600 species of Birds. This park is a tiger reserve and it was established back in 1936 to conserve the endangered species of tigers. You can enjoy thrilling safari rides here, but if you’re going for the first time then you should know about these points: 

Safaris At Jim Corbett

People can enjoy various safari rides in Jim Corbett. It offers three types of safaris, jeep safari, canter safari, and elephant safari. These safaris are done in different zones that are named Bijrani Zone, Jhirna Zone, Garjia Zone, Dhela Zone, Durga Devi Zone, Phato Zone, Sitabani Zone, and Dhikala Zone. The safaris take place at different times and every safari offers a unique adventure in the park. To know more you can click here

Permits for Jim Corbett 

Permits are tickets that are required to enter the park premises. You have to book permits, they are tickets for riding on jeep safaris. You can book permits for your preferred zone on your preferred date and time. Just remember to book your permit 45 days in advance because they get booked easily and then you have to book according to availability. Permits are jeep tickets and tickets for staying inside Forest Rest House. You can book them from Jim Corbett Online Booking.

Best Time for Jim Corbett Safari

Jim Corbett has several zones for safari rides and some of them remain open throughout the year, but the best time to visit the jungle is from mid-November to mid-February. Dhikala and Bijrani zone are famous among wildlife enthusiasts and these zones remain open during this time. Also, the weather is good for going on jeep safaris, you don’t have to worry about heat. Migratory birds also visit the park during this time of the year. However, summers can also be good as animals can be spotted near water bodies drinking it.  

How to Get There

The nearest airport is Pantnagar, which is a domestic airport. So, if you’re coming from outside India. First, you can come to Indira Gandhi International Airport and then book a flight to Pantnagar. The nearest railway station is Ramnagar which is well connected by northern cities of India. This place also has a good road network so can come in your vehicle or you can take government and private buses to reach here.

Accommodation Options 

You might not know about this but you can stay inside Jim Corbett. Yes, you heard it right. People can stay inside Jim Corbett National Park in Forest Rest Houses. These homes are managed by forest authorities and you have to get permits to stay overnight inside the Jungle. Furthermore, you can find various hotels and resorts, from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly hotels, near this park because it’s a famous tourist spot.  

What to Wear and Pack

This is a common question to which everyone wants to know the answer. People don’t know what they should wear and what things they should keep with them, so let me tell you that you should always wear comfortable clothes. During summer, try to wear cotton clothes that are good for rides. During winter, it can get a little bit chilly so do layering. Do not wear glittery, bold printed clothes, instead try to wear light dull colors, like khaki, olive green, etc. Keep water bottles, sunscreen, insect repellent, sunglasses, hats, power backups, cameras, and important medicines in your backpack. Do not use perfumes or strong smells.  

Safety and Other Instructions:

Some of the important instructions of Jim Corbett are 

  • To enter the park, you have to book a permit from forest officials. 
  • You cannot enter the park without trained guides. 
  • Maintain a safe distance from animals and listen to your guides during safari rides. 
  • Do not shout when you see big wild animals.
  • Wear comfortable clothes and wear full clothes to protect yourself from the bite of insects. 
  • Do not ask or request drivers to change the routes of safaris or to increase or decrease the speed of jeep as there are set of instructions that the forest department has given them about the same. Don’t tell them to break those rules.
  • Do not feed animals or birds. 
  • Smoking and drinking are not allowed here.
  • Bringing non-veg inside is strictly prohibited.
  • You can use your phone just for taking pictures, other than that use of phones is not allowed.
  • Do not listen to music or radio etc as loud voices can disturb the animals.


In conclusion, visiting Jim Corbett can be a super thrilling experience. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, wildlife lover, or a person who’s coming to have fun, this park is the best spot for a short vacation.

Top Tiger Safari Zones in Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a wild place that is famous among tourists, especially wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers for the wide variety of fauna and flora found here. This wild place which is spread over 520 square km is famous for sightings of tigers. This park is a tiger reserve with around 252 of them roaming inside, you can see them in different zones of the park but not all zones of the park offer an equal chance of spotting. In this blog post, we will tell you about those zones in which tiger sightings are most common.  

Dhikala Zone of Corbett 

The Dhikala Zone is most famous among tourists for sightings of tigers in Jim Corbett National Park. You can see the  Patli Dun Valley and Ramganga River in this zone of the park. This zone has a huge grassland area with dense forest and a large number of wild animals. This zone has many prey animals and because of that tigers like to visit here for food. Sighting of a Tiger chasing a deer is common in this zone. People can stay overnight in FRH of this zone, which will give another thrilling experience apart from a safari ride.  

Bijrani Zone of Corbett 

This zone is another famous one that is located on the eastern side of Jim Corbett National Park. Bijrani Zone is another hotspot for tiger sightings with its beautiful landscape, dense forest, and large grassland. This zone is home to a variety of animals such as tigers, leopards, elephants, and deer. The safari is allowed in this zone from mid-October to mid-June and only 30 vehicles are allowed to enter here per day.   

Durga Devi Zone of Corbett 

This zone is not very famous among tourists and is one of the less explored areas. People don’t know much about this zone, but it’s located in the northeastern side of Jim Corbett and tiger sightings can be done here. This zone has rugged terrains, dense forests,s and beautiful landscapes that are ideal for tigers and leopards. This zone is best for nature lovers, who wish to explore the park and see the tigers in peaceful surroundings. Tigers are active here mostly during morning safaris. 

Dhela Zone of Corbett

This zone is a newly opened one that is located on the southern side of the Jungle. This one is a little less crowded when compared to other zones and it is perfect for those who want to explore the beauty of the park without the disturbing sound of jeeps.  Despite its lesser-known status, Dhela Zone offers excellent tiger sighting opportunities, making it a hidden gem within Jim Corbett National Park. A maximum of 15 jeeps are allowed here per day. 


In conclusion, the Dhikala zone is most famous for the sighting of tigers in Jim Corbett but apart from that, other zones also offer tiger sightings. When you are planning a trip to Jim Corbett National Park, then keep one thing in mind, you should choose the zone of your preference, and select the visiting time and date, for a nice trip. By exploring the best safari zones mentioned above, you can enhance your chances of experiencing memorable encounters with tigers and other wild cats of Jim Corbett National Park.   

Top Retreats in Jim Corbett National Park

You can enjoy both the beauty of nature and luxury in the finest lodges and resorts in Jim Corbett National Park. In this blog, we have recommended some of the best accommodations. Discover unparalleled serenity and proximity to the wilderness as you set out to spot the exclusive tiger. 

Regarding the wildlife experiences, there is little in India that can beat the thrill of the jungle safari in Corbett. Jim Corbett is one of the oldest national parks and you can enjoy a thrilling jeep safari ride in the heart of the forest. You can spot an elusive tiger hiding in the tall grasslands with a wide variety of bird species. During summers, big cats gather around water holes in the area and allow tourists a glimpse of their majestic lives inside this beautiful forest nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas. To make your trip more memorable,  finding the perfect place to stay after a day of adventure is equally essential. So here is a glimpse into some of the best places to stay at Jim Corbet National Park.  

Aahana – The Corbett Wilderness

On the northeastern boundary of Corbett lies Aahana, nestled in the lush Paltidun Valley. This eco-friendly resort was founded by Kamal Tripathi, shares its boundary with the Bijrani Zone of the park, and combines sustainability and luxury in a nifty package. This is 13.5 acres of landscape, home to over 200 varieties of birds, ensuring you always wake up to the sound of your winged friends. However, the key focus of this retreat is sustainable tourism. The founder of this beautiful property belonged to a family of freedom fighters and made it to give back to the community and the environment. This beautiful property has an organic farm that brings their farm-to-fork dining experience to life. Over 95% of the staff comes from neighboring villages and runs various cultural and natural initiatives at this luxurious property. And as always, expect thrilling game drives followed by a Kumaoni hi-tea in your 48 Victorian-era-inspired rooms, suites, and villas. 

Taj Corbett Resort & Spa 

This spacious resort is spread across 11 acres of land, with 75 rustically designed cottage-style rooms and suites. While staying here, you will wake up to stunning views of the mystic Kosi River or the verdant gardens at the resort, which boast every creature comfort you could desire. Since it is set near the fabled Jim Corbett National Park, you can start your morning with a thrilling safari ride to spot Asiatic elephants, bears, and tigers, only to return and enjoy the resort’s hyper-local experiences. Not only this, you can add riverside activities and treks across offbeat paths to your local itinerary; as you can experience it here. If you’re traveling with kids, the resort also has a unique Bushcraft survival course and a junior naturalist program for children to enjoy.  

Jim’s Jungle Retreat 

Let’s agree – not everyone wants to rough it out in camps under the sky when chasing a wilderness experience, some people want to stay in luxury wildlife resorts. With 18 rooms across three accommodation categories, Jim’s Jungle Retreat focuses on bringing the forest feel to you without compromising your comfort. The cottages and lodges of this place are beautifully built, they have taken the architectural styles of the Raj era’s old forest bungalows and rest houses. While morning safaris take you out of deer sightings amidst the sounds of birds, evening sightings are dedicated to blissful experiences. You can have delicious Kumaoni dinners under the open sky or quiet moments in the library. While staying here, you can go for a heritage walk to a model Kumaoni village known as Bhabhar Village. 

The Golden Tusk 

This spacious boutique property lies on the banks of River Dhela, and it’s just 2 minutes away from the Jhirna and Dhela zones of Jim Corbett. This property has well-appointed suites, luxury tents, and villas that make it the perfect family retreat, The Golden Tusk also offers a variety of indoor and outdoor activities to keep you buzzing during your stay. This resort features a restaurant Jungle Grill, where you can savor a barbeque fusion meal that takes inspiration from the world’s jungles. You can enjoy dinners at the poolside and also relax at the Golden Flower Spa. Popular tourist attractions such as Garjiya Devi temple and Jim Corbett Museum are well connected to this property. 

The Cloyster Resort & Spa 

This is a spacious beautiful resort that is located near Jim Corbett National Park. You can see beautiful greenery from the garden and also it offers scenic views of the surroundings from every room. Guests can enjoy bonding time with friends and family at the swimming pool area and they can relax in the spa after a thrilling jeep safari ride. This resort has a free parking area and also a fine dining restaurant where guests can have freshly made delicious meals. With its amazing location and luxurious amenities, this resort and spa is the best place to stay near Jim Corbett.

Plan a Visit to Jim Corbett National Park

If you’re thinking about visiting Jim Corbett for the first time then you might be wondering about all the details that you should know about Jim Corbett. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this blog, we have compiled all the information that one must know before going to Jim Corbett. 

First of all, let me give you a short intro about Jim Corbett. So, Jim Corbett National Park is the most famous tourist spot among wildlife enthusiasts. You can see a lot of wild animals here roaming freely in their natural habitat and also it’s a great place to spot birds and beautiful flowers. Some cool picture spots in the area are best for taking nice photographs, you can find information about them at Picture Perfect Spots of Jim Corbett National Park. Furthermore, you can explore the area on different kinds of safari rides, you can also enjoy boating, trekking, and other activities in the area. It’s a nice place to spend your holidays. So, pack your stuff and follow these simple steps for a nice and memorable journey in Jim Corbett.

1. Plan In Advance 

Before visiting somewhere, you should know about the details of the place. So, before visiting the park, check the opening and closing timing so that you will not feel disappointed. Not just opening and closing timing, you should book your Jim Corbett Safari and hotel in advance so that you don’t have to worry about them upon reaching. 

2. Choose Right Season

Jim Corbett National Park is in Uttarakhand and it experiences different types of seasons. If you’re going there to spot animals, especially tigers, then book your rides for the summer season, as there are high chances of spotting because animals come near water bodies to drink. If you’re coming to see birds and flowers along with animals, then you should book your safari for winter as the park remains lush green, just after the monsoon, and also many migratory birds visit the park during this time. So plan accordingly. 

3. Go on Guided Safaris

You can enjoy different kinds of safari in the park, just take care of one thing – there must be a guide with you. Guides are local people and they have good knowledge about the flora, fauna, and region of the park. They will make sure that you don’t miss any sightings and they will be there to provide you with information about the park. They know about the behavior of animals and it’s important to take guides with you for safety reasons. 

4. Pack Essentials 

Everyone who’s going for the first time worries about the things that they should carry. So, some of the things that you must carry are sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a hat (summer), insect repellants, a camera, binoculars, water, any medication that you’re taking, etc. Keep in mind that animals get disturbed by strong smells, so don’t use deodorant or any other strong fragrance.

5. Follow These Things 

There are some rules and regulations that you must follow like non-veg and alcohol are prohibited. Going close to animals is prohibited. You should not feed the animals and don’t try to tease them, there are some other rules like not making loud noises as they can disturb animals, avoiding plucking flowers, following the instructions of your guides, etc. 

Other than these things, if you want to know about the safari zones, timings, flora, fauna, and other details then you can click on Jim Corbett National Park

Experience the Wilderness of Jim Corbett with the Comfort of Forest Rest House

Jim Corbett National Park is one of those national parks which provides the facility of staying inside the park. You cannot stay inside the jungle of all national parks, few of them provide this facility and you can get this facility in Jim Corbett. You can book your stay from Forest Rest Houses.

Just imagine how much thrilling it’s going to be, you will stay inside the park. You will stay in the territory of wild animals, they can be roaming freely near your accommodations. No, don’t worry about safety as Forest Rest Houses are covered with electric fencing so wild animals can not enter and also they are under 24/7 CCTV guidance. You have to get permits from forest officials to stay inside the park. 

Forest Rest Houses in Jim Corbett

The Forest Rest Houses were made by Britishers 100 years back, these houses were made for staying inside the Jungle. British officers and staff were here during their work and they killed animals for fun. Some Forest Rest Houses are newly made because of a growing number of tourists. You can stay inside the jungle during the night in the Forest Rest House. These FRHs are famous among wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers because you can experience the thrill of the jungle while staying in these hoses.  

Forest Rest House in Corbett

Rules of Forest Rest Houses: 

  • You can book a FRH for a maximum of 3 days.
  • You have to get a permit to stay in FRH. 
  • Only vegetarian food is allowed inside the jungle. 
  • Alcohol and nonveg are strictly prohibited. 

Facilities in Forest Rest Houses:

  • There are beds for sleeping.
  • The attached bathrooms are there in Forest Rest House. 
  • Some Forest Rest House provides food, you have to bring your raw veggies along with oil and spices in some of them.
  • Solar panels are there for electricity so you can get a small amount of electricity. Don’t forget to keep power backups and batteries with you.

Some of the FRHs where you can stay in Jim Corbett are:

  1. Dhikala Forest Rest House
  2. Bijrani Forest Rest House
  3. Malani Forest Rest House
  4. Gairal Forest Rest House
  5. Sarapduli Forest Rest House
  6. Sultan Forest Rest House
  7. Jhirna Forest Rest House
  8. Dhela Forest Rest House

Note: For more information about a particular guest house you can visit Forest Rest House of Jim Corbett.


Forest Rest Houses are a great way to explore the beauty of the jungle. You will stay inside the   Jungle and you can also hear the roar of tigers and other animals around you. It’s a thrilling experience to stay inside the jungle but only those people are advised to stay here that want a true feel of the jungle. If you’re someone who cannot manage fewer facilities and if you want a luxurious well-appointed place to stay then these forest rest houses might be not the best for you. For luxurious accommodations near Jim Corbett National Park, you can visit the Hotels in Jim Corbett.

Top Adventurous Activities in and around Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a scenic place with dense forests, wild animals roaming around freely, and rivers flowing through the landscape. Here you can enjoy different safari rides like elephant safari, jeep safari, or canter safari. Safaris offer you a chance to go inside the jungle and spot various kinds of flora and fauna in natural habitats. You can spot many kinds of birds during your thrilling rides. This park is located on the foothills of the Himalayas in Uttarakhand and offers various exciting activities like trekking, river rafting, bungee jumping, hot air ballooning, etc. Jim Corbett National Park is the coolest spot, you can experience a lot of adventurous activities in and around this park. It offers a  thrilling chance to stay at night inside  the Jungle, but apart from that you can enjoy various other adventurous activities here like

1. River Rafting:

It’s an adventurous activity in which you will sit in an oar raft and move forward while paddling in the water, trust me it’s a fun activity. River rafting usually takes place in the Kosi River or Ramganga River. It’s thrilling but safe if you follow the instructions of your guide. You can get great views of the surroundings while floating in the water. Don’t forget to keep waterproof cameras with you. 

2. Trekking:

Trekking is exploring the rugged terrain on foot. It’s adventurous for many people as you have to take care of your balance. There are various trekking trails available and you can choose from them according to your fitness, they are a beginner, advanced, or intermediate levels. During the trekking journey, you can see great views of the Himalayas and the park’s wildlife.  Don’t forget to Wear comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots and bring water bottles. 

3. Bungee Jumping:

You can enjoy this activity around Jim Corbett. There are adventure parks and resorts in the surrounding areas that offer this activity. Bungee jumping involves jumping from a tall structure while connected to a large elastic cord. This is an extreme sport which feels scary while doing it but it is also fun.

4. Zip Lining:

Zip Lining is for thrill seekers, it’s like flying in the air on a protective seat or a belt. This is an action-filled activity in which you will ride on a steel cable between two points at a height. This generally happens in valleys or between trees that have large distances between them. You can enjoy this action-packed activity near Jim Corbett.  

5. Jeep Safari:

Jeep safaris take place in different zones of the park and allow you to spot wild animals like tigers, leopards, elephants, sambars, chinkaras, sloth bears, red foxes, different deers, Pangolins, yellow-throated Martens, Indian Hares, etc. in their natural habitat. These action-packed safaris happen in Gypsies that can carry up to 6 people at one time. 

6. Canter Safari:

Canter safaris take place in the Dhikala zone of the park and let me tell you this is the best zone of Jim Corbett. You can spot various kinds of wild animals in huge grasslands. You can even spot a tiger chasing a deer in this zone. It is most famous among tourists because of its scenic views and wildlife population. 16 people can go on a canter safari.

7. Elephant Safari:

Just like the name says these safaris happen on the back of elephants. You will sit on an elephant and go inside the Jungle. Because of the height of the elephant, you can see great scenic views of further surroundings. During this ride, you can see many wild animals because you will be on an elephant so they won’t be disturbed by the sounds of Jeep Safaris. Four people can sit on an elephant. 

8. Hot Air Ballooning:

Hot air ballooning is riding in a large balloon filled with hot air, you might have seen it in movies. You will be in the sky and you can see beautiful views from the height. Many tour operators and companies near Ramnagar or Nainital provide this service, you can ask them for further information.   

9. Camping:

Camping means living outdoors. You have to set up tents and you will cook your food over a campfire. You have the opportunity to see stars. Many people like to go camping and you can do it near Jim Corbett. Many accommodation sites provide camping options.    

10. Angling:

Angling in Jim Corbett National Park is popular for those who enjoy fishing. Angling in Jim Corbett National Park requires a permit, you have to handle fish carefully and release them unharmed whenever possible. 

These were the most adventurous activities that you can enjoy in and around Jim Corbett. To experience a ride in Jim Corbett you can visit the Jim Corbett Online Booking website. 

Picture Perfect Spots of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park is a nice place to click some good pictures of wild animals in natural beauty. Not only animals, you can see birds and other creatures also. It’s a famous spot among photographers because you can enjoy the thrilling safari rides and at the same time you can click some good pictures. 

There are many picture-perfect spots in Jim Corbett National Park where you can spot some wild animals such as Tigers, leopards, elephants, sambars, chinkaras, sloth bears, red foxes, different deers, Pangolins, yellow-throated Martens, Indian Hares, etc. Jim Corbett is home to 600 species of birds also including Crested Serpent eagles, vultures, kingfishers, parakeets, peacocks, and some rare birds like the great hornbill and the Pallas’s fish eagle. This is not all, you can also take good pictures of dense lush greenery with beautiful flowering trees and plants like Kachnar, Semal, Butea monosperma, Madaar, Jacaranda, and Lantana. It’s truly a paradise for photographers. Here are some spots for taking photos in Jim Corbett National Park.

Corbett waterfall

 Dhikala Zone 

This is the biggest grassland area of Jim Corbett. It has scenic views of the Ramganga Riverbed. You can get good pictures from the watchtower of this zone. Many prey animals like Hog Deer, Barking deer, Spotted deer, and wild boars can be found in the huge grassland area of this zone. Tigers visit here to satisfy their hunger. You can even see a tiger chasing deer. You can get great pictures at the crocodile pool where you can spot marsh crocodiles, gharials, and Muggers. 

Bijrani Zone 

The Bijrani Zone can be your prime location for taking nice photos. This zone has picturesque views with most tiger sightings. You can take good pictures of tigers as this zone is famous among tourists with a high chance of tiger sightings. You can see tigers sipping water from big water channels in this zone during your Jim Corbett Jeep Safari ride. It’s a good spot to click amazing pictures of Wild. 

Corbett Waterfalls 

Corbett Waterfalls is a great place to take photographs. It gives a wonderful view of the water rushing down the rocks. The waterfalls in Corbett are beautiful and can make for stunning pictures. Just be careful when taking photos near the water, and remember to respect the environment and wildlife around you. Make sure to capture the beauty of the water cascading down the rocks and the lush green surroundings.

Sitabani Buffer Zone 

This zone comes under the buffer zone of the park and it is one of the less explored areas of the park. People don’t know about the beauty this zone offers. You can click pictures of some cute herbivore animals along with fluttering butterflies around the trees of this zone. If you want a quieter and more intimate photography experience then this zone is best for you. Imagine what beautiful pictures you will get when the sunlight is shining on the long green trees.

Jhirna Zone 

This zone has a wide variety of bird species. Birdwatchers should visit this zone for a jeep safari ride as Jim Corbett is home to 600 species of birds. During winter months, many migratory birds visit this southern part of Jim Corbett and they spend most of their time near water reservoirs. You can click fascinating photographs of colorful bird species.   


Apart from Tigers and other wild animals, there are multiple things to capture in Jim Corbett National Park. Just pack your bags and belongings and come for a nice photography session at Jim Corbett National Park. 

Luxury Hotels in Jim Corbett National Park

A stay at a luxury hotel in Jim Corbett National Park is not just about accommodation, it’s a great experience that combines the thrill of wildlife with the comforts of luxury living. Let’s check out some of the best hotels in Jim Corbett.

Mystic Inn Luxury Villa, Corbett

Mystic Inn Luxury Villa is built to keep the perfect blend of the ethnicity of the forest and modern luxury. This resort is good for those who are coming with their pets as the staff here, take good care of them.  The resort offers perfect amenities like a swimming pool, parking, kids’ play zone, indoor and outdoor games, and 24/7 room service. You can have multiple cuisines in the in-house restaurant. This 5-star property is quite close to Jim Corbett National Park and is just 260 away from Indira Gandhi International Airport. They have 8 rooms out of which 6 are Executive rooms which are filled with all modern amenities like a size bed, LED TV, AC, Coffee maker, hair dryer, and room heater. These rooms are based on a jungle theme and you can sit on the verandah, outside the room from where you can enjoy beautiful scenery. They also provide bonfires on requests from guests. The other 2 rooms come under Luxury rooms. These rooms have all the amenities of an executive room and these are more spacious. The balcony of these rooms is larger and you can see beautiful views from them. Luxury rooms also offer private kitchenettes for guests. 

Luxury hotel in jim corbett

Paatlidun Safari Lodge

The Paatlidun Safari Lodge is a fancy place to stay in the Jim Corbett National Park, India. It’s a 5-star luxury resort with really nice cottages that have both old-fashioned and modern stuff inside. They’ve got a restaurant, lounge, and bar called Chakh, where you can eat good food and have drinks. They also set up dinners outside by a campfire named Bush Dinners, and they have a dhaba called Chaha Pani. At this place, you can do lots of fun stuff like going to the spa, having picnics by the Kosi River, checking out their kitchen garden, hiking, painting on stones, having private dinners, and doing in-house activities like Khilad. Some famous people like Shefali Bagga, Sanya Malhotra, Rana Daggubati, and Milind Soman have stayed there before. So, if you want a cool and exciting trip, you should think about staying there

Luxury lodge near Jim corbett

Lemon Tree Premier Jim Corbett

Located on the banks of River Kosi, Lemon Tree Premier, Corbett is a luxurious and contemporary resort offering a perfect blend of nature and modern amenities. The resort has well-appointed rooms and suites. It features a multi-cuisine dining area, bar, and lounge for a perfect tour. The resort offers various amenities like a play area with swings, a room-cum lounge with air hockey, table tennis, and a variety of board games. Guests can also enjoy swimming pools, a spa, transportation services, and a fitness center. The hotel promises something for everyone as it has conference halls for meetings and also it can be a good place for destination weddings. 

5 Star hotel in Jim corbett

Golden Tusk, Corbett

Situated beside the Reserve Forest, Golden Tusk Resort offers a memorable blend of nature and luxury. With well-appointed suites, villas, and luxury tents, guests can enjoy a range of accommodations. Activities like yoga, spa, and Tatva gym are available for relaxation, while diverse dining options offer delicious food in a great ambiance. Recreational activities include cycling, basketball, badminton, and indoor games like pool, table tennis, and carrom. Adventurous guests can try flying foxes, spider climbing, and wall climbing. The resort also offers a library for book lovers and daily evening activities for adults and kids. It serves as a venue for weddings and corporate events. The highlight is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness, ensuring a responsible stay.

Luxury Villa in near Jim Corbett

Vedikant Resorts The Mallard, Corbett

Vedikant Resorts, The Mallard Corbett, is a luxury resort near Jim Corbett National Park, situated in Khushalpur. The resort has a unique design featuring carefully chosen patterned rugs, dream catchers, and interesting hanging textiles, giving it a free-spirited vibe. Their rooms come with all the modern comforts you need for a cozy stay. One of the main highlights of this resort is a man-made pond that attracts various species of birds from the surrounding jungle, making it an incredible experience for visitors who love nature. You can enjoy delicious food at their restaurant and relax in the pool area. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy the beauty of nature.These are some hotels that provide full relaxation in luxurious comfort between lush green natural surroundings.  So, pack your bags and make a Jim Corbett Hotel Booking to experience the ultimate luxury in the wilder

Budget Friendly Resort in Jim Corbett

A Wild and Colorful Adventure at Jim Corbett National Park

Hey Guys, it’s that time of the year again – Holi! We are not talking about regular Holi celebrations, we are taking things to another level as we are talking about Holi in Jim Corbett National Park. Picture yourself celebrating Holi in lush greenery with Hilamayas in the back and the sound of Wild animals as background music. Sounds good right, you can experience this by planning your trip to Jim Corbett National Park for your upcoming long weekend. 

Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett

Now, you might be thinking, how do we celebrate Holi in a national park? Don’t worry guys because I’m going to tell you how can you plan your Holi weekend in Jim Corbett. First things first, Holi is on 25th March, which means a long Weekend. You will get leave on 23 and 24 as they are weekends. Then Holi is on 25! Just take leave on the 26 and then all set. You can easily plan your 4-day trip to Jim Corbett National Park. 

Let’s talk about the venue – Jim Corbett National Park is a paradise for nature lovers. Many people visit here to see animals in their natural habitat. Because of good tourism, you can find many resorts and hotels near Jim Corbett that arrange Holi parties. Some of them are Clarissa Resort, Maulik Mansion Resort, Corbett Wood Resort, Salvaan Resort & Spa, etc. Just book your Holi party at affordable rates. Book these hotels from the Jim Corbett Hotel Booking website. 

Now, imagine playing Holi in stunning natural greenery. The sun will be shining bright, the birds will be chirping around you, and the sounds of the jungle will add to the festive vibe. It’s like a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie, but better because it’s real. 

Jim Corbett Holi Bookings

To enjoy this, you have to book your resort from 23rd March to 26th March. Now, think that after playing Holi you can go on a jeep safari ride inside the jungles of Jim Corbett. Yes, Jim Corbett remains closed on Holi but you can book your ride for the next day guys! You just have to decide the zone and timings, then you can simply book your safari from Jim Corbett Safari Booking

Now, let’s talk about the celebrations themselves. Picture yourself with friends, all having colors in their hands, all wearing white clothes. As the clock strikes Holi o’clock, the fun begins. You will start spoiling each other with colors and dance to the beats of dhol with music. It’s going to be a fun moment. You can only experience this during Holi. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. After playing Holi you will have some mouth-watering delicious snacks. Think of having Gujiyas, Thandai, and all your favorite Holi treats after playing a colorful Holi. The best part will be that you can experience this fun in the beauty of Jim Corbett with the sounds of the jungle as your background music.

Supreme Court Banned Tiger Safari in this Zone of Jim Corbett

Supreme Court Banned Tiger Safari

Safari rides in the Pakhro Zone of Jim Corbett is now banned. This decision has been taken by the Supreme Court on Wednesday, 6 March, 2024. They took this decision to protect the homes of wild animals and reduce the impacts of too many visitors in the main parts of the forest.

Pakhro Zone is a new entry gate of Jim Corbett. This one is the only zone in which people can walk on foot. Elephant and jeep safaris were also allowed in this zone. This zone is famous among tourists for sightings of wild animals like Tigers, Leopards, Elephants, Spotted Deer, Wild Boar, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Sloth Bears, and many more. You can also spot a variety of bird species in this spot. People loved to visit this zone because it was newly made and had better animal sightings but now this zone is closed for safari rides. Supreme Court banned Tiger Safari in Pakhro Zone of Jim Corbett.

It was also said that the former Uttarakhand Forest Minister Harak Singh Rawat and Divisional Forest Officer Kishan Chand were involved in illegal construction activities in Jim Corbett National Park and tree felling activities without permission. The court is now disapproving of these two and wants to make sure everyone knows it’s not okay to mess with nature like that.

Not only banning safaris, the court has also appointed CBI to make a report on this topic in 3 months. Other decisions will be taken after 3 months. 
But don’t worry, you can still enjoy safaris in other zones of Jim Corbett, with some strict rules to keep our furry and feathery friends safe. You can book your safaris for Dhikala, Bijrani, Garjia, Jhirna, Dhela, Durga Devi, Phato, and the Sitabani zone of Jim Corbett. Book your safari now from the Jim Corbett Online Booking website.

News Update: SC (Supreme Court) has banned Tiger safaris in the Pakhro zone of Jim Corbett National Park. Now safaris will only be conducted in other zones of the park.