Sightseeing in Jim Corbett Park: Spectacular Spots to Visit

Are you looking for some inspirational family travelling places? There are lots of fascinating locations to visit in India. When it comes to a holiday or vacation, most people want to spend their time and money somewhere different than the same old place they have visited so many times before. Some people like the idea of exploring new places and others would rather just stay at home for a change.

Travelling with family is very important and good. It helps in creating a strong bond among the family members. It also keeps you happy when you travel and explore new things with your family. There are numerous destinations that have been waiting for your arrival, so if you really want to experience the thrill of travel, just pack up and explore the world’s best sites that make your entire trip a lifetime memory.

Sightseeing in Jim Corbett
Jim Corbett National Park

There are various sightseeing spots that you love to visit. Don’t worry; we have another best destination in the bag with amazing views and unforgettable memories.

Top Attractions to Visit

Visiting the top attractive places is one of the best ways to relax and get inspired. Finding time for a vacation can be difficult, especially if you have a busy schedule, but taking some time off from your regular routine can provide you with the inspiration and motivation that you need. 

If you are planning to visit Gujrat in India, you should visit Jim Corbett National Park. Corbett waterfall is the must-visit place that gives a great feel. This lovely location is an amazing sight to witness and have mesmerizing moments. This waterfall is fully covered with a dense forest full of greenery and provides a peaceful environment.

Top Attractions to Visit
Jim Corbett National Park

Another famous spot is Garjia Temple; you can reach this beautiful site by a few flights of stairs to get the blessings of Garjia Devi. This is the famous temple in Jim Corbett and devotees come from all over the world to pray and enjoy with loved ones.

Corbett Museum is another attractive destination to visit. It features antiques and pictures of the person who made this national park. This amazing place is a sign of late Jim Corbett.

If you are fond of animals and love to watch a variety of species, jhirna is a place that is full of wild creatures like nilgai, Sambhar,  Cheetal. You can see a huge number of wild elephants and sloth bears.

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Jim Corbett National Park: Great Spots to Visit Once In a Lifetime

Are you adding different adventurous places to your travelling bucket list? Everyone has their list of must-see places but some destinations in the world leave a lasting impression on all tourists. Some people want to see famous landmarks, others want to explore the world’s greatest cities, and some just want to experience unique cultures.

Well, there are many wonderful sites to visit in the world which makes planning a trip real pain in the neck. Fret not; we’re here to sort out everything for you. Add Corbett National Park as the next travel spot on your list. It is one of the oldest parks in India and was declared a wildlife sanctuary in the year 1936, under the Nanda Devi Game Sanctuary Act.

Jim Corbett National Park

The Park derives its name from Jim Corbett, a famous hunter, naturalist, and author who played a key role in protecting this region. It is situated at the foothills of the Himalayan mountain range in Uttarakhand. It is also called the land of roar because of its most famous royal tigers which is the major attraction. Aside from tigers, the park is known for big families of elephants and is a great spot for bird watchers.

Wildlife Ride In Jim Corbett National Park

There are different ways to have a ride to this attractive park. You can enjoy a nature safari and watch lovely birds and animals. The best sightseeing in Jim Corbett Safari ride makes you watch live tigers and other animals roaming around the jungle. You can also enjoy an amazing elephant ride to make your journey memorable.

People book Canter safari to get reservations for the most visited place i.e. Dhikala region. This is another way to explore the deepest road of the park even if you are not staying in Jim Corbett hotels that are nearest to the jungle.

Other Attractions of the National Park

There are various tourist spots near Corbett National Park where travellers can spend their quality time. These famous places are Dhikala, garjiya temple, Corbett falls, Corbett museum, Dhangadi gate, jhirna gate, Vatanvasa gate, Kalagarh gate, Durga Devi zone.

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Reasons Positioning Corbett in Your Must-Visit List Everlastingly

Nestled in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, the Jim Corbett National Park never fails in captivating visitors’ hearts and souls with its wealth of wildlife and the fauna embracing them as a safe dwelling. The park is an enchanting place to visit if you have even a minute keenness towards sighting the legged wilderness and various species of birds, enjoying the unruffled ambiance formed by greeneries.    

Being the showstoppers of this sanctuary, Royal Bengal tigers claim the utmost attention from the sightseers. In unison, travelers are also reasonably reluctant to miss any opening of having meetings with them even if it requires them to book multiple safaris during morning and evening.

Jim Corbett National Park

The Allure Attracting Tourists towards Jim Corbett National Park 

The sanctuary of Jim Corbett receives a higher number of wonder-seekers than any other protected forests of India throughout the year, and plenty of unyielding reasons back this leaning. First off, the forest appears to have offerings for everyone irrespective of their arrival here. For honeymooners, it’s a magnificent place for spending quality time and making cherishing memories amidst the adventures of wildlife and greenly woods. No one can measure the value it holds to the wildlife enthusiasts, endowing them with good fortunate sightings of known and unknown species.

Besides, it’s the most precious gem for wildlife photographers, with the possibility of bagging some worthwhile photographs. Together, the presence of comfortable properties with luxury accommodation for visitors curbs down the requisition of staying close to the jungle area.

Jeep Safari in Corbett: Availability in Morning and Afternoon

Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

Visits in Jim Corbett National Park would have been partial without the safari tours through the most dynamic areas of the forest. Moreover, the landscape comes into view in two different hints to the sightseers, as the Jeep Safari in Corbett is available twice a day – mornings and evenings.  

The safari gets conducted through a stretched region, covering areas like Garjiya, Bijrani, Dhela, Jhirna, Durgadevi, and Sitabani Zones, which will plummet a magnetic backdrop of greenery, along with enough chances of spotting the imperial beast.

Corbett’s Canter Safari

Attainable through Jim Corbett safari booking, Corbett’s Canter safari poses to bring you a memorable tang of the forest if you are looking for a reasonable visit to this place. Your tour will be inclusive enough to protect you from leaving any must-watches or must-to-have experiences behind.

Wrapping Up

The topic of tigers giving you a sudden visit depends on your fortune. But, even if you exclude the beckoning of the rich flora and fauna, Jim Corbett will keep your goblet of ecstasy filled with activities like mountain climbing, trekking, rock climbing, river rafting angling, and more.

3 Top Wildlife Photo Spots in Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett National Park is one of the most popular places for wildlife lovers. Besides this, this national park is also well-known for nature and wildlife photography. Hundreds of photographers visit this place to take some fantastic shots.

Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park

Besides them, Jim Corbett National Park is ideal for other tourists. Hence, your trip will be incomplete without taking some wildlife snaps. So, if you plan to visit this famous wildlife sanctuary, you have to know about the best photo spots. In this blog, we share the top places that everyone chooses to take wildlife photography at Jim Corbett. So, let’s find out.

Best Places for Wildlife Photos

Before visiting this national park, you have to know about some wildlife photo spots. It’s essential as you can’t roam around into the deep forest to take some photos. In the following list, we are sharing top sites:

1. Bird Watching Safari

If you love to take photos of birds, you have to choose the bird watching safari. The best place for bird photography is Ramganga reservoir. If you are visiting from December to March, you can watch and capture photos of various species of migratory birds.

2. Big Cat Safari

Besides bird watching, many people prefer big cat safari. Well, this one can be a thrilling experience. However, you can get some fantastic snaps while doing this safari. The best time to get big cat photos is from April to June.

3. Tiger Safari

Tiger safari is one of the most popular activities in Corbett National Park. The best thing is, this place has various photo spots for tourists, including Dhikala, Bijrani, and Dhela. You can book for tiger safari as per your requirement. Full day, morning, and evening safari are available. Some people also choose this safari for taking photos of elephants.

Best Time for Photography

As we noted above, the best time for photography at this national park is during a safari. We have shared the top safari places you can book. Hence, many professional photographers are also looking for Jim Corbett safari booking. Make sure you are taking a guide while going for a safari.


When you visit Corbett National Park, you can get the best experience. First, however, don’t forget to take some wildlife photos. We have shared the best photo spots in this blog. If you want more help, you can contact the officials.

Fauna Of Corbett National Park Completes Our Existence On Earth

Corbett National Park is the first tiger reserve of India, which accommodates the Royal Bengal Tigers, Asiatic Lions, Leopards, and many other endangered species to make their strong presence in this world. Jim Corbett, the renowned hunter, gave birth to this tiger reserve and is also known as the first tiger reserve of India.

Due to the healthy population of wildlife in Jim Corbett National Park, it is one of the best-preserved parks with 164 tigers and over 600 elephants and is home to 586 birds, including migratory. As per the records, The Park contributes 33 species of reptiles, seven fish species in the water reservoirs.

Settled in the lap of the Himalayas, Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most visited national parks in the country. The park has gained fame due to the exotic fauna found there in its natural habitat. The excellent and favorable climatic conditions have made their survival possible in the vicinity of the jungle. You can also spot the animals through a jungle trail in the park. For that, you have to buy tickets by Jim Corbett Safari Booking from the entry gate. In hilly areas, you can witness the most dangerous species, the tigers, who quickly get their prey in the deep jungle as their food. Other animals in Jim Corbett National Park are- barking deer, sambar deer, Indian grey mongoose, chital deer, Himalayan black bear, yellow-throated martens, langur, Indian pangolin; some are innocent but dangerous too. From this, you can easily understand that the tigers are not the sole attraction of the park. These animals are the symbol of love, power and act as a replica of nature, without whom we are incomplete.

The relationship of the animals in Jim Corbett with the place is confined for decades. They are attributed to this place, its grassland, where they found peace from the chaotic outer world. As the food chain plays a crucial role in our existence, to maintain the same, all types of beasts share the same territory. The tigers are the predators of deer or other animals, so hums are the predators of tigers in different ways.

Many tourists come to this jungle to explore its vicinity, many researchers and nature lovers like to visit Jim Corbett Park to get close contact with the animals. They come to know the behavior, nature of the wild animals. The way they live in the jungle, how they survive are still to explore, and the wilderness that keeps quite some time keeping many secrets in them.

Jim Corbett Packages can give you the best moment to be remembered in your entire lifetime, with the best transport facilities, hotels, and with delicious food provided by those luxury hotels all coming in your adjusted budget.

Spend The Nights In The Deep Jungle Of Jim Corbett

Tourists from different parts of the country witness the majestic tigers in Jim Corbett National Park. But to make the entire trip the most comfortable and thrilling one, take an inside journey to the hotels present inside the Jim Corbett national park for 100 years. They were made for the forest officers who camped in the jungle as there was no other accommodation available for the forest patrolling work. Spent the nights with the wild beast amidst the park, which is the enchanting Royal Bengal Tigers. Few Jim Corbett Packages also include these hotels to give the utmost pleasure to their travelers. 

Accommodations in the Dhikala Zone

Sarapduli Forest House

Sarapduli Forest House

As you overlook the banks of the Ramganga River, you will notice a small and beautiful rest house amidst the jungle. This rest house was built in 1908, where you can spot wild mammals like tigers and elephants.

Large pools of Mahseer, and some fish-eating birds, like kingfisher, eagle are easily spotted at the bank of the Ramganga river. Crocodiles and other reptiles can also be spotted on the surface of the riverbank of Jim Corbett Park.

Gairal Forest House

Gairal Forest House

When you are in a detour to the roads of In the Dhangari-Dhikala, the rest house was built in 1903, which occupies 4 rooms and 8-bed dormitory facilities for their guests. The rest house has been constructed on the bank of the Ramganga river of Jim Corbett Park. The most mesmerizing view of the crocodiles and gharials basking on the rock surfaces can be spotted easily after staying in this rest house. Tourists enjoy the tranquility, and the incredible beauty of the forests is excellent for bird watching.

Dhikala Forest House

Dhikala Forest House

For wildlife tourism in India, the Dhikala forest has gained immense popularity since its establishment. The structure of the rest house represents a historical monument built 100 years before; some renovation has been done later for its maintenance. This well-known destination is located in Patli Dun valley, from where the Ramganga river flows through various channels. You can also opt for a jungle trail, but a Jim Corbett Safari Booking is a must before that.

Sultan Forest House

Sultan Forest House

This forest rest house stands in the first position when you enter from the Dhikala Jim Corbett Gateway. The place is ideal for a small group of travelers and was built in 1903, situated 25 km away from the Ramganga river. It has a double bedroom, the rest house gots its name after the seasonal stream, running through that area. While staying in this rest house, you can spot deer and the omnipotent birdlife, who come to the river bank to quench their thirst in the summers.

Khinnanauli Forest Rest House

Khinnanauli Forest Rest House

This forest resort is well known as tiger territory, and living in this rest house gives you the thrilling effect of the nights and the old beats. To promote tourism in the state, the higher authority has permitted the building of a rest house amid the KhinnanauliChaur.

Emphasizing A New Safari Zone To The Jim Corbett

The state government has taken the initiative to expand the park for the animals and for the tourists who come here with the only wish of tracing tigers in their natural habitat. With the increase in travelers in this park, the existing zones for tourism were falling short. They later decided to emphasize a news zone and will conduct safaris for the new trends of tourists. The location in Jim Corbett park is perfect for tigers to live in as it gives the natural habitat with marshlands, vivid landscape, and the weather condition for their survival.

New Safari Zone
Jim Corbett National Park

The new tourism zone will help promote stoicism in India as we all love to visit the wildlife sanctuaries because they give the perfect visions of animals roaming around you. The state government of Uttarakhand is invigilating the area by building new hotels, roads, routes and providing better transport facilities for the tourists. The new zone will be recognized as the buffer area of Jim Corbett Park. 

Currently, there are seven seven tourism zones in Jim Corbett Park. They are Dhikala Tourism Zone, Bijrani Tourism Zone, Dhela Safari Zone, Jhirna Safari Zone, Durgadevi Safari Zone, Pakhro Safari Zone, and Ringora Safari Zone.

The best part of these zones is the animals are equally distributed in each zone so that nobody can prefer particular zones of their choice. They are unique in their way, and you can spot elephants in the zones due to the marshlands and get the chance of spotting the tigers near the bank of the water bodies flowing within the park. Most importantly, there are many hotels built to make a comfortable trip to the jungle. You can also opt for Jim Corbett Packages for a hassle-free journey to this park.