Is Jim Corbett Accessible During Monsoons

Many people like the monsoon season and wish to visit a beautiful place where they can enjoy the beauty and smell of rain when it touches the ground. Jim Corbett National Park can be a good choice for those who enjoy the natural beauty and also wish to enjoy the wildness. There are many conflicting stories about the opening of Jim Corbett during monsoons. Some people say that this park remains closed during monsoons, and some say that it remains partly closed, So, in this blog, I’ll let you know the truth and also I’ll give you information about jeep safari rides, etc related to spending monsoon season in the park.

Is the Park Open 

So first thing first, Jim Corbett National Park remains partly closed during monsoon. You cannot go to other zones, but the Jhirna zone is open throughout the year. Other zones are closed during monsoons because of the safety reasons. The monsoon is also breeding time for some animals, so that is also a reason why the park is closed. You don’t need to worry about all these things as you can have a great time in the Jhirna zone and its buffer areas. 

Things to Do 

You can enjoy a lot of adventurous activities if you visit the park during monsoon. You can enjoy a jeep safari ride in the Jhirna zone and other buffer areas where it is allowed. Both jeep and elephant safaris are available for visitors, so you don’t need to worry about wasting your time. Other than the jeep safari you can go rafting in the Kosi river, trust me on this one. Kosi River remains still during summers and people might get cold during winters, but the best time to do rafting is during monsoons. If you’re an adventure enthusiast like me who wants to enjoy the true thrill of rafting in a river full of waves then you must visit Jim Corbett during monsoons.

Beauty of the Park 

The monsoon season gives a new life to Corbett National Park, making it irresistibly beautiful. The trees shed their brown leaves and new greeny leaves come to life. This time is best for watching herbivores as they roam here and there grazing in the park. The animals look more thrilling and charming with water droplets covering them. The lakes and the ponds of the park get filled quickly by rain and animals no longer go thirsty. They turn into their playful mode, they do swimming and show their best acrobatic skills in the water. There are intense hunts that take place during this time. During monsoon, there is enough amount of food for herbivores and also because of breeding, they are in huge numbers. The big cats closely observe herbivores and they encounter them intensely. This is a big reason why a tour of the park during the monsoon is a dream vacation for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.  


One must visit this Jim Corbett National Park during monsoons to explore its beauty and wildness at the same time. Also, this is a time when the area remains less crowded, so you can find good hotels near Jim Corbett at the best prices. Because of less crowd and limited tourism, you can get good deals on tour packages and other bookings. What are you waiting for, pack your raincoats and get ready to go on a thrilling and adventurous trip to Jim Corbett National Park.

A Perfect Weekend Gateway – Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park which is famous among wildlife enthusiasts is a tourist spot in the Nainital District of Uttarakhand. This park is one of the most popular Wildlife Reserves in the country and was established back in 1936. It got its name after hunter-turned-conservationist, Edward James Corbett and covers a huge area of 520 square km. This park is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna and the start of the show are Majestic Royal Bengal Tigers. 

This park is liked by both wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers as tourists can enjoy various fun and adventurous activities inside the park. The most popular activity to enjoy inside the park is the Jeep Safari which gives tourists a chance to gain knowledge about flora and fauna and encounter wild animals from close. These jungle safaris take place in open jeeps so that people can gain a good sight of the park and its rich biodiversity. Other than jeep safaris, people can enjoy elephant safaris and canter safaris to explore the wildness and scenic beauty of the park.

What to expect at the park 

This huge park is home to different types of wild animals, including 600 species of birds, 25 species of reptiles and 50 species of mammals. The most famous, you can say major attraction of the park among this wild base is the Royal Bengal Tigers as they as the most endangered big cats in the world. You can find these big cats here because this park is a part of Project Tiger which is for the conservation of Tigers. Other animals which are found in huge numbers are elephants, deer, and several species of monkeys. There are also river streams flowing in the park, where you can find different types of fishes including the famous Mahseer which is one of the largest freshwater fishes.  

Jungle safaris are famous among tourists but most people don’t know that they can also take part in trekking, bird-watching, and fishing in the rivers and streams of the park.  After the safaris, people can go to nearby temples and shrines such as Garjia Temple, dedicated to the goddess Garjia, and Sitabani where Devi Sita spent some time in her exile. 

You can visit Jim Corbett National Park at any time of the year but the best time to visit this park is from November to June. This time is considered best because many zones are open for safaris during this time, but if you visit this park from July to October, you might only enter some buffer zones as the park remains closed during monsoon because of heavy rains. If you’re coming here to soak in the beauty of Jim Corbett then monsoon will be the best time as the surrounding remains lush green, providing scenic views.


If you’re planning a weekend gateway then Jim Corbett National Park can be the perfect place for you, it’s an ideal destination for spending some adventurous time with friends and family. You can simply start your adventurous journey with an early morning nature walk or jeep safari, after that, you can relax at your accommodation. In the afternoon, you can enjoy activities like bird-watching, and fishing in the rivers and streams of the park. In the evening you can walk around the park and see great sunset views. On the next day, you can go to nearby temples in the morning time and then, go on toward your next destination. To book a safari, tour package, or hotel you can visit  Jim Corbett National Park Online Booking.

Why Visit Jim Corbett During the Summers

Jim Corbett is a wild place that attracts a number of tourists all around the year. The park has huge popularity because of its rich biodiversity. People like to visit this park to enjoy thrilling safaris that give them a chance to get close to nature. This park experiences 3 seasons – winters, summers, and monsoons. In all 3 seasons, the park remains full of tourists because it offers different sightseeing experiences.  During summers, this park remains filled with children for educational visits. The temperature remains between 20°C to 40°C during the summer season. It’s a good time to visit this park during this time because of the following reasons.

Good Sightings – During summers, a lot of leaves shred from trees because of dryness and in turn, it makes it easy to spot animals from a distance as there are no barriers of lush and tall trees that can stop us from spotting tigers and other animals. There is extremely little scope for tigers to hide behind the greenery.   

Prime Time for Tiger Spotting – During summer you should always book your safaris for those zones which has water streams in them. Tigers and other animals get thirsty because of heat during summers and there are high chances of spotting tigers near water bodies as they come out from their hideouts to quench their thirst. 

Nice Location – Many people like to go to hill stations during summer, especially families who love to visit hill stations during summer vacations with their children. Visiting Jim Corbett will be a nice option for them as they can take their children to Jim Corbett and let them gain knowledge about animals and after that, they can go to nearby hill stations from Jim Corbett like Ranikhet, Nainital, Bhimtal, Pangot, etc. 

Apart from these reasons, there are many luxurious eco-friendly resorts near Jim Corbett that offer great experiences during summer, you can enjoy the swimming pool area during summer and have a good time bonding with family and friends during this season. 

Some of the best resorts near Jim Corbett are 

Clarissa Resort: This resort is located on Jhirna Road, Ramnagar, near Jim Corbett National Park. Upon reaching you will be welcomed with a tilak on your head and they will provide you with fresh welcoming drinks. While booking Clarissa resort you can choose from various room options that come with modern amenities. They also have a swimming pool area that is surrounded by lush greenery and even there is a small kids pool also, to add to this experience you can simply lounge in their pool chairs. During summer you can ask for a rain dance arrangement (for groups) which will give a fun waterfall-like enjoyment. They also have a spa and yoga center for relaxation of mind and body. Guests can enjoy outdoor and indoor games and kids can play in the kids’ area. People can also enjoy delicious different types of food at different in-house restaurants. 

Ashokas Tiger Trail: This resort offers rooms and cottages that are built and designed with a British-era theme. This resort is in Dhela Village on the southern side of Jim Corbett and covers an area of 4.5 acres. This resort is artistically designed with a jungle theme and lets you feel like staying in a Jungle. Guests can choose from different rooms and cottages that are well-appointed with all modern amenities. Thick vegetation of local Trees and Plants have been grown all throughout the resort so taking a walk inside the resort will make you feel like living in it. If you’re on a business trip then you can use the conference hall. Guests can relax at the bean-shaped swimming pool with a baby pool and also spend time at the jacuzzi. For relaxation, they have a spa and also a saloon.     

Aahana Resort: This one is of utmost luxury, you will feel like you’re playing the lead role in a movie. They have a special buggy ride which will give a feel of old times. This huge resort is built over 13.5 acres of lush green and the rooms here are well equipped with all modern amenities. They have suites and private villas that are made in 10 residential blocks that will give you proper comfort. You can pluck fresh vegetables from the organic farm, and after a thrilling yet tiring ride at Jim Corbett, you can relax at the spa and get a foot, head, or body massage whatever you prefer. You can also have delicious food at multiple dining options that offer world-class service. You can spend time at private pools in the villas with loved ones. This resort offers a perfect blend of privacy, luxury, and relaxation, making you feel at home. It’s the best place to stay near Jim Corbett National Park.

So, a short trip to Jim Corbett National Park is a must during summer vacations. You can spot various kinds of animals during this time and also you can have a great time with family and friends, this park is at close distance to hill stations of Uttarakhand so a visit to this place is a must for enjoying to the fullest during summers. To book a safari in Jim Corbett or hotels near the park you can visit Jim Corbett National Park Online Booking 

Plan a Visit to Jim Corbett National Park

If you’re thinking about visiting Jim Corbett for the first time then you might be wondering about all the details that you should know about Jim Corbett. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this blog, we have compiled all the information that one must know before going to Jim Corbett. 

First of all, let me give you a short intro about Jim Corbett. So, Jim Corbett National Park is the most famous tourist spot among wildlife enthusiasts. You can see a lot of wild animals here roaming freely in their natural habitat and also it’s a great place to spot birds and beautiful flowers. Some cool picture spots in the area are best for taking nice photographs, you can find information about them at Picture Perfect Spots of Jim Corbett National Park. Furthermore, you can explore the area on different kinds of safari rides, you can also enjoy boating, trekking, and other activities in the area. It’s a nice place to spend your holidays. So, pack your stuff and follow these simple steps for a nice and memorable journey in Jim Corbett.

1. Plan In Advance 

Before visiting somewhere, you should know about the details of the place. So, before visiting the park, check the opening and closing timing so that you will not feel disappointed. Not just opening and closing timing, you should book your Jim Corbett Safari and hotel in advance so that you don’t have to worry about them upon reaching. 

2. Choose Right Season

Jim Corbett National Park is in Uttarakhand and it experiences different types of seasons. If you’re going there to spot animals, especially tigers, then book your rides for the summer season, as there are high chances of spotting because animals come near water bodies to drink. If you’re coming to see birds and flowers along with animals, then you should book your safari for winter as the park remains lush green, just after the monsoon, and also many migratory birds visit the park during this time. So plan accordingly. 

3. Go on Guided Safaris

You can enjoy different kinds of safari in the park, just take care of one thing – there must be a guide with you. Guides are local people and they have good knowledge about the flora, fauna, and region of the park. They will make sure that you don’t miss any sightings and they will be there to provide you with information about the park. They know about the behavior of animals and it’s important to take guides with you for safety reasons. 

4. Pack Essentials 

Everyone who’s going for the first time worries about the things that they should carry. So, some of the things that you must carry are sunscreen, comfortable shoes, a hat (summer), insect repellants, a camera, binoculars, water, any medication that you’re taking, etc. Keep in mind that animals get disturbed by strong smells, so don’t use deodorant or any other strong fragrance.

5. Follow These Things 

There are some rules and regulations that you must follow like non-veg and alcohol are prohibited. Going close to animals is prohibited. You should not feed the animals and don’t try to tease them, there are some other rules like not making loud noises as they can disturb animals, avoiding plucking flowers, following the instructions of your guides, etc. 

Other than these things, if you want to know about the safari zones, timings, flora, fauna, and other details then you can click on Jim Corbett National Park

Experience the Wilderness of Jim Corbett with the Comfort of Forest Rest House

Jim Corbett National Park is one of those national parks which provides the facility of staying inside the park. You cannot stay inside the jungle of all national parks, few of them provide this facility and you can get this facility in Jim Corbett. You can book your stay from Forest Rest Houses.

Just imagine how much thrilling it’s going to be, you will stay inside the park. You will stay in the territory of wild animals, they can be roaming freely near your accommodations. No, don’t worry about safety as Forest Rest Houses are covered with electric fencing so wild animals can not enter and also they are under 24/7 CCTV guidance. You have to get permits from forest officials to stay inside the park. 

Forest Rest Houses in Jim Corbett

The Forest Rest Houses were made by Britishers 100 years back, these houses were made for staying inside the Jungle. British officers and staff were here during their work and they killed animals for fun. Some Forest Rest Houses are newly made because of a growing number of tourists. You can stay inside the jungle during the night in the Forest Rest House. These FRHs are famous among wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers because you can experience the thrill of the jungle while staying in these hoses.  

Forest Rest House in Corbett

Rules of Forest Rest Houses: 

  • You can book a FRH for a maximum of 3 days.
  • You have to get a permit to stay in FRH. 
  • Only vegetarian food is allowed inside the jungle. 
  • Alcohol and nonveg are strictly prohibited. 

Facilities in Forest Rest Houses:

  • There are beds for sleeping.
  • The attached bathrooms are there in Forest Rest House. 
  • Some Forest Rest House provides food, you have to bring your raw veggies along with oil and spices in some of them.
  • Solar panels are there for electricity so you can get a small amount of electricity. Don’t forget to keep power backups and batteries with you.

Some of the FRHs where you can stay in Jim Corbett are:

  1. Dhikala Forest Rest House
  2. Bijrani Forest Rest House
  3. Malani Forest Rest House
  4. Gairal Forest Rest House
  5. Sarapduli Forest Rest House
  6. Sultan Forest Rest House
  7. Jhirna Forest Rest House
  8. Dhela Forest Rest House

Note: For more information about a particular guest house you can visit Forest Rest House of Jim Corbett.


Forest Rest Houses are a great way to explore the beauty of the jungle. You will stay inside the   Jungle and you can also hear the roar of tigers and other animals around you. It’s a thrilling experience to stay inside the jungle but only those people are advised to stay here that want a true feel of the jungle. If you’re someone who cannot manage fewer facilities and if you want a luxurious well-appointed place to stay then these forest rest houses might be not the best for you. For luxurious accommodations near Jim Corbett National Park, you can visit the Hotels in Jim Corbett.

A Wild and Colorful Adventure at Jim Corbett National Park

Hey Guys, it’s that time of the year again – Holi! We are not talking about regular Holi celebrations, we are taking things to another level as we are talking about Holi in Jim Corbett National Park. Picture yourself celebrating Holi in lush greenery with Hilamayas in the back and the sound of Wild animals as background music. Sounds good right, you can experience this by planning your trip to Jim Corbett National Park for your upcoming long weekend. 

Holi Celebration in Jim Corbett

Now, you might be thinking, how do we celebrate Holi in a national park? Don’t worry guys because I’m going to tell you how can you plan your Holi weekend in Jim Corbett. First things first, Holi is on 25th March, which means a long Weekend. You will get leave on 23 and 24 as they are weekends. Then Holi is on 25! Just take leave on the 26 and then all set. You can easily plan your 4-day trip to Jim Corbett National Park. 

Let’s talk about the venue – Jim Corbett National Park is a paradise for nature lovers. Many people visit here to see animals in their natural habitat. Because of good tourism, you can find many resorts and hotels near Jim Corbett that arrange Holi parties. Some of them are Clarissa Resort, Maulik Mansion Resort, Corbett Wood Resort, Salvaan Resort & Spa, etc. Just book your Holi party at affordable rates. Book these hotels from the Jim Corbett Hotel Booking website. 

Now, imagine playing Holi in stunning natural greenery. The sun will be shining bright, the birds will be chirping around you, and the sounds of the jungle will add to the festive vibe. It’s like a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie, but better because it’s real. 

Jim Corbett Holi Bookings

To enjoy this, you have to book your resort from 23rd March to 26th March. Now, think that after playing Holi you can go on a jeep safari ride inside the jungles of Jim Corbett. Yes, Jim Corbett remains closed on Holi but you can book your ride for the next day guys! You just have to decide the zone and timings, then you can simply book your safari from Jim Corbett Safari Booking

Now, let’s talk about the celebrations themselves. Picture yourself with friends, all having colors in their hands, all wearing white clothes. As the clock strikes Holi o’clock, the fun begins. You will start spoiling each other with colors and dance to the beats of dhol with music. It’s going to be a fun moment. You can only experience this during Holi. 

The fun doesn’t stop there. After playing Holi you will have some mouth-watering delicious snacks. Think of having Gujiyas, Thandai, and all your favorite Holi treats after playing a colorful Holi. The best part will be that you can experience this fun in the beauty of Jim Corbett with the sounds of the jungle as your background music.

Hotels in Jim Corbett

Situated in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park comes under one of the most extensively built national parks in India. This reserve in India has the second-largest habitat for Tigers after the Sundarbans. The park is an evergreen habitat that includes marshy lands, river belts, hills, lakes, and grassland patches inside. The weather is overall enjoyable with cool nights and warm and sunny days. The park is located under the sub-Himalayan belt and has its geographical and ecological features with a dense deciduous forest canopy that mainly consists of Haldu, Sal, Peepal, and Mango trees.

You can book a hotel or resort to have the best time of your life here. And all the information and details…leave that to us. Enjoy your stay at the best hotels and resorts.

Maya The Forest Resort

Maya The Forest Resort Booking
Super Deluxe Room King Size Beds and Air Conditioning

The resort stretches over 3 acres of luxuriously green land. Surrounding the adventure, the property is a 3-star resort. It shares its boundary with the infamous Jim Corbett National Park. This located in Swaldeh village, Ram Nagar near the national park. It has green landscapes and water bodies- the perfect combination of magnificent and pristine. It doesn’t require a long stay to say this was one of the best resorts. This will only take a glance.

For more information, click here

Grand Amanta Jim Corbett

Grand Amanta Jim Corbett
Luxury Resort and Hotel Management Grand Amanta

Grand Amanta Hotels and Resorts is located nearby the zone which is filled with stays and resorts at Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand. The land surrounding the dense jungles is a midst of a farming village. It is also known well for being a fun getaway for the people lived in Delhi. You can have jeep rides for your safari at the park through which you will be able to spot deer, elephants, purple foxes, leopards and yes, the infamous resident of the park, the Royal Bengal Tiger.

For more information, click here

Corbett Tigers n Trees

It offers 15 royal rooms and luxurious cottages. Every cottage provides a private and unique experience covered in green lawns and trees. All the guest rooms at Corbett Tigers n Trees, provide you with multiple luxuries like king-sized beds, a coffee table in the living space, High-definition television access, an open deck and a clean and tidy bathroom.  

For more information, click here


Perfact Luxury Resort In Jim Corbett

Voyage of Wonder Resorts at Corbett offers 68 cottages and rooms, with all the space based on the jungle theme, reflecting the cultural history of the Uttarakhand state. When you’ll enter the cultural space, you will encounter rural artworks, hints of tribal culture and statues. Every room is air-conditioned and features a dressing room with beautiful views and a secluded seating area. 

For more information, click here

Riverside by Aahma

Riverside Relaxing Experience at Jim Corbett Hotel's

By staying at the Riverside, you can indulge in a very relaxing experience in luxury that appoints featured rooms, numerous dining options, spa treatments and more amenities than you can count. You can go for relaxing treatments and most therapeutic massages. Lastly you can opt for the jungle safari here and then go horse riding. 

For more information, click here

Corbett Tusker Trail

Corbett Tusker Trail Booking
Corbett Tusker Trail The Independent And Determinant Spirit Of The Hotel

Located on the outskirts of Ramnagar, the Corbett Tusker Trail Resort is the most exclusive resort that has distinguished itself in Corbett National Park. The modern interiors will certainly make you feel at home, the moment you step in. The location of the resorts is conveniently near the places of all the tourist attractions. The amenities include free parking. Wi-Fi is installed in every room. You can have all the gourmet meals at the restaurant. You can relax at the pool and play badminton too. There’s a playground and an indoor playing room, especially for the kids.

For more information, click here

Paradiso Resort

Paradiso Resort Booking
Corbett Paradiso Resort Dhikuli Village Ramnagar

Paradiso offers 24-hour check-in for all the people wanting to stay there. You can also get a means of transport to the airport directly and conveniently. The property is rated 3-star and has one of the highest quality and provides guests with restaurant access and an indoor and outdoor pool on the site. And If all things get considered the you can get access to the gaming room.

For more information, click here

Holiday Forest Resort

Holiday Forest Resort

Holiday Forest Resort is one of the best and the finest resorts at Jim Corbett National Park. the location is amidst nature in a picturesque spot. You can enjoy the perfect jungle environment which is creat by the natural flora and fauna. It is located near Corbett National Park where you can spot elephants, leopards, deer, the Royal Bengal Tigers, wild boars, Jackal, porcupines, and other wild animals. 

For more information, click here

Is April A Good Time To Visit Jim Corbett ?

April heralds the start of the summer season in India when the sun shines brightly and the flora and fauna sigh with relief. While is April a good time to visit Jim Corbett National Park in India became a little hotter during this month, others are really stunning. However, where should you go for vacation in April 2024?

Tourism is limited across the country due to the start of the new fiscal year and the start of the school year. Because there are fewer tourists in April, it might be a gratifying experience. In addition, it will be cost-effective. So, plan a vacation to Jim Corbett National Park, which is one of the best destinations to visit.

Jim Corbett National Park has had three seasons for Jungle Safari in the past.

October to February: In the month of October, the weather in Corbett becomes comfortable, with lush-green surroundings that are a pleasure to behold. Although the winter season begins in November, the park’s core section open on November 15th. And it is during this time, many visitors came to Corbett to go on safari. During is April a good time to visit Jim Corbett National Park. The average temperature can drop as low as 5 degrees Celsius. Pack several woolens, especially during the evening.

April to June: The summer season in Corbett lasts from April through June, and the average temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius during the day. Although it is hot, this is the ideal time to see animals in the park, including tigers. Due to the start of the rainy season on June 15th, the park’s core region will be closed.

July to September: Corbett has its monsoon season. Nature enthusiasts will enjoy it because it is a beautiful time to explore the region’s abundant greenery. Although Corbett National Park is open for the majority of the year, from July 1st to November 14th, some areas of the park are closed. Because it is off-season, budget travelers may stay at good resorts at reasonable rates. Because it is less busy and more serene, this might be a nice weekend escape for you and your family.


April is the best time to visit Jim Corbett. And you can visit our website for Jim Corbett safari online booking. Get tickets in advance and reserve your trip this way, you will be able to avoid last-minute hassles. So, pack your stuff and get ready to enjoy these memorable moments with your friends and family. 

Is It Safe To Visit Corbett With Family Now?

With over 27 places to see in Corbett National Park, it is known for Wildlife Tourism, Adventure, Weekend Getaway, Honeymoon Destination, Hot Destination, Angling, Festivals, Bird Watching, Leisure, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries, Safari, and Tiger Reserve. Pantnagar Airport is 80 kilometers away from is it safe to visit corbett with family now, while Ramnagar Railway Station is 5 kilometers away. In Corbett National Park, there are over 92 hotels.

Yes, Jim Corbett is extremely safe; the resorts and ambience are fantastic during the day, but there is a risk at night when animals prefer to emerge; nonetheless, the resorts are extremely safe, so please stay inside after 10 p.m. The resorts will provide you with a campfire and other activities. 

How to Enjoy Your Trip at Corbett Park?

A jeep safari in the forest is one of the greatest ways to see. The is it safe to visit corbett with family now. Because you can see the animals in their natural habitat, a jeep safari is a thrilling trip. The safari is quite secure and inexpensive. And practically every resort provides a jeep safari, making it very simple to book. The hours of operation are 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.; after 5 p.m., the forest is close owing to safety concerns and government rules.

The elephant ride is suitable for anyone who enjoys elephants. It’s a natural way to enjoy Jim Corbett’s wildlife while riding on the back of an elephant. From a height of 9 to 10 feet, you may explore the forest and see diverse animals such as pythons, crocodiles, and a variety of birds, as well as have a closer look at the various types of plants.

Garjia Mata temple is one of Nainital’s most well-known temples, with the people referring to Goddess Parvati’s idol as “Garjia mata.” It’s perched atop a big rocky outcropping near the Kosi River. Many believers go from all across the country to pay their respects.

Jim Corbett provides several opportunities for hiking enthusiasts to have the time of their lives. Although trekking is not permitted in the main park area, it is permitted in the park’s reserve forest around the tiger reserve. 


To enjoy your time on a trip with your friends and family, you should get tickets via online. Jim Corbett National Park booking by visiting our website. So, get ready to have memorable moments and have piles of amazing pictures in your stock.

Rivers in Jim Corbett National Park

Rivers play a significant role in the ecosystem and provide recreation and relaxation for people. These are the most important features of the earth. They have a vital role in shaping the landscape, powering industries, and Rivers in Jim Corbett National Park. It enhances the beauty of the place and gets you to connect with various water species.

It has a high biodiversity when compared to other habitats such as forests, wetlands, and deserts. This is because they are home to many different organisms which interact with each other through food webs and trophic pyramids.

We are here with the famous rivers that is situate in the most famous Rivers in Jim Corbett National Park which increases the beauty and also an amazing attractive point to visit with your family and friends 

Lifeline of Thriving Wildlife 

The Ramganga River is necessary for the survival of Jim Corbett National Park. It is the largest of all the precious water bodies and is said to be a rain-fed river that emerges near the Gainsaid region in the Lesser Himalayas. This river flows for about 100 kilometers before entering Corbett. During its journey through the park, it collects water from the Palain, Mandal, and Sonanadi rivers before clearing into the Ganga near Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh.

Another well-known river is the Kosi, which serves a large portion of the Corbett National Park, as all of the creatures and other wildlife animals use it to complete their thirst. The river’s flow is unpredictable and frequently changes its course. It has many sheer cliffs nearby to its bank and is said to be a favourite habitat of mahseer fish.

The Sonanadi River is a major tributary of the Ramganga and is name after the Sonanadi Wildlife Sanctuary. This river is a vital part of the tiger reserve and is know as the “River of Gold.”

Last but not least, the Mandal River is a gentle water body. That flows along the eastern coast of Chamoli during the dry season. It stretches for a long distance before joining the Ram Ganga River at Domunda. This river serves as a vital breeding ground for Mahseer fish.

To get connect yourself with these famous rivers in Jim Corbett national park. Booking are available on our Jim Corbett website to meet your desired trip and if you want to visit another attractive places of the park. Jim safari ride booking are also on the way to avoid further inconvenience.