Surprising Facts about Bengal Tigers You Need To Know

Bengal Tigers, also known as Panther Tigris, are one of the most majestic wildlife creations on the planet. The Royal Bengal Tiger is a subspecies of the tiger that can be found in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and parts of Southern Tibet. You can see them in high numbers in Jim Corbett National Park in India. India has designated the Royal Bengal Tiger as its National Animal due to its allure, beauty, and power.

Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park

What Is The Food Of Bengal Tigers And How Do They Eat It?

These powerful animals are most active between dark and dawn when they follow prey and attack discreetly using tall grass and trees. After capturing its victim, the Bengal Tiger drags or swims it to a safe spot to consume it. Water buffalo, gaur, deer species, and wild boar are all common Bengal Tiger prey. They can consume up to 40kg in one sitting, although they don’t do it very often.

Food Of Bengal Tigers

Some interesting facts about the Royal Bengal Tiger are listed below:

1. A mature Bengal Tiger male can weigh up to 420 pounds.

The sheer size of this large cat can take your breath away. A mature Bengal Tiger can grow to be nine feet long. The female tigress, on the other hand, is smaller than the male and usually weighs around 310 pounds. Tigresses rarely reach lengths of more than 8 feet.

2. They wield enormous power.

A Bengal Tiger’s powerful structures allow him to drag a prey for over a mile, even if the prey is heavier than his own weight.

3. The white Bengal Tiger is an once-in-a-lifetime occurrence.

A white Bengal Tiger with black stripes is the result of a DNA mutation, not albinism.

4. The Bengal Tigers own a huge territory.

Tigers may appear to be lethargic animals during the day, dozing and relaxing, but once awake, they are known to travel large distances, protecting and owning a territory that can sometimes reach up to 200 square miles at times.

5. Bengal Tigers have the ability to climb trees.

These large animals are not suited to climb trees, yet in the pursuit of a kill, they can scale a tree, though they appear ungainly doing so.

6. They are great swimmers.

These tigers have reformed by becoming ardent swimmers in the mangrove ecology, which is an affluent habitat for them. Even in the water, prey cannot escape their formidable jaws.

If you also want to see these precious animals roaming around freely, plan your trip to Jim Corbett National Park. Visit our website for advance Jim Corbett safari booking.

Jim Corbett National Park: Life’s Best Ever Experience

Nature and wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to Jim Corbett National Park. Its land area is approximately 500 square kilometers, and the entire terrain is breathtaking. Every geographical component is found here, from swampy marshes to spanning hills, riverine belts to lakes. The love of nature can be explored here on the elephant back and in an open four-wheeler Jeep safari.

The tiger, as well as other fauna and birds, call Jim Corbett National Park home. In fact, some of the most well-known bird watchers come to Corbett to see the various species of birds.

fauna in Jim Corbett
Jim Corbett National Park

Different Ways to Reach Jim Corbett National Park

Well, there are primarily two routes to get to Jim Corbett National Park from Chandigarh (which is around a 4- to 6-hour drive from New Delhi).

1. The first route goes from Haridwar and is as follows: Chandigarh to Saharanpur to Rookie to Haridwar to Corbett.

2. The second option is to travel via Rishikesh, which takes the following route: Chandigarh to Dehradun to Rishikesh to Corbett.

Because of the superb road conditions, we picked the second path to Jim Corbett National Park. According to the driver, the roads on the first path are in poor condition.

There was only one rule on the bus. People, no one will sleep for the whole of the excursion. We did the job of keeping everyone awake while the driver drove about. We all danced like there was no tomorrow as the trip begun with excitement and dancing music.

How to Book Safari in Jim Corbett?

Jim Corbett Safari Booking reservations can be made well in advance online. Foreign nationals can schedule a safari up to 90 days in advance, whereas Indians can only do so 45 days in advance.

In Ramnagara, there are various different operators, and hotels may also arrange it for you, however, they charge a service fee on top of the government rate.

A jeep safari or a canter safari is both options. The Jim Corbett safari will take you to any of the above-mentioned zones, whilst the canter will only take you to Dhikala.


Every year, millions of tourists travel to this park to enjoy wildlife encounters. A large number of people desire to visit the park but are unable to do so because of long waiting lists and a lack of information about how to reserve a spot on the list. Visit our website for advance Jim Corbett national park booking as it is the most efficient way to enjoy your holidays.

Chilly Weather in Jim Corbett National Park

The winter season is chilling and full of thrill so we all prefer to be wrapped in blankets. However, this should never deter you from getting out and having a great time when there are so many marvelous winter destinations.

India is a land of many colors and weather conditions and also serves the most well-known destinations for a wonderful travel experience particularly during the winters.

If you enjoy winters and its allure, plan your next weekend trip where you can see a variety of flora and fauna species while hiking through dense jungle and hills in the Himalayas.

Jim Corbett National Park

Why winters are amazing in Corbett?

Do you want to go on a thrilling trip where you can see tigers and many other animals roaming around freely. If yes, plan your trip to Jim Corbett National Park which serves as a popular destination for tourists especially in the winter season. It is an exotic location and an amazing place in Uttarakhand.

People all over the world come and witness the natural beauty of wild forests. This park provides magnificent views of the panoramic beauty that serves as a lovely backdrop. 

It offers pleasant and breathtaking views with world-class hospitality and different adventurous activities. The best moment is the evening bonfire session on a winter night with soothing music and games with your loved ones.

winter moment in Jim corbett

The best time to visit Jim Corbett is winter season. It offers pleasant weather where the temperature ranges from 30 degrees Celsius during the day to 5 degrees Celsius at night. You can go for walks, hikes, camping, trekking, and safari.

If you are an adventure freak and want to get a thrilling experience, you should enjoy a safari ride. This would be the best ever lifetime memory and you can also enjoy river rafting to watch the creatures from closure.

This amazing park is enclosed with a variety of flora and fauna species. During the chilled season, you will be able to see a lot of migratory birds and wild animals that make your trip worthwhile with the deadly predators and their hilarious activities.

Hurry up, visit our website for Jim Corbett Safari booking and get tickets in advance. Also, book the Jim safari ride to watch the live wild animals and lovely birds that will make your day full of excitement.

You get the desired rooms in well-known restaurants of Corbett to embrace the natural charm and get yourself more connected with the greenery of the forest.

Weekend Thrill in Jim Corbett National Park

Are you excited to have a weekend thrill in the most unexpected places that makes your whole journey a lifetime memory and captures every single moment that has been spent with your family?

Wildlife parks like Jim Corbett National Park are excellent places to go for bird watching and photography. These parks are home to a diverse range of animal and bird species. You explore more about yourself and spend time with your family.

Jim Corbett National Park

To make your trip more exciting and adventurous you are on the right page. Here we came with the oldest and most famous park that makes your desired dreams come true and enjoy the amazing experience.

Itinerary of Jim Corbett National Park.

Jim Corbett National Park is well known for its wildlife and natural beauty. This destination is very popular with tourists and is the best weekend trip. There are many beautiful places to admire. Some best places are Corbet falls, biryani tiger spot, Visit the Shangai gate, Corbett museum, Explore the jhirna range as well as Dhikala range.

The Best climate to visit Jim Corbett national park is from December to February when the temperature is pleasant and easy to spot the wild animals. The park closes in June and September because this is a harsh time and animals are not allowed to go outside.

visit Jim Corbett

There are three different ways to reach this amazing place which is full of greenery and beautiful creatures. The suitable ways are by Air, Road or Rail. The closest airport to reach the Jim Corbett national park is Pantnagar. It takes 5 hours to reach by road and also drive to the park on your own vehicle.

Getting delicious food in such a lovely place will make your day worthwhile. There are some of the best restaurants that serve cuisines from continental, Chinese and a variety of foods that make you more excited and enjoy every meal with pleasure.

Last but not least, the clothes that you need to carry are most important while planning such trips. When you are planning in summer, take light clothes because the temperature is too hot. For winters, pack warm clothes to make your planned journey more mesmerizing.

For the further inconvenience, Book the online tickets for the Jim Corbett Safari Booking from the website and also check the availability of Safari ride booking to get for your family as soon as possible.

How to Book Easily Safari in Jim Corbett National Park

The magnificent terrain of Jim Corbett National Park, located in Uttarakhand & Nainital district, is known for its tiger richness. It is India’s oldest and most prestigious National Park, having been founded in 1936 as Hailey National Park.

Jim Corbett National Park is one of India’s few tiger reserves that allow visitors to stay overnight and experience life in a National Park. There are two ways to see wildlife: one in a four-wheeler and the other on the back of an elephant.

Birds in Jim Corbett

The national park is a popular destination for wildlife enthusiasts because it is home to a healthy population of tigers as well as uncommon species such as otters and endemic fish-eating crocodiles.

If you enjoy bird watching, Corbett is a virtual paradise for you. More than 650 species of resident and migratory birds may be seen in Jim Corbett National Park and its surrounding area. Birds of prey can be found in abundance in Dhikala.

This park has a diverse range of animals including the royal Bengal tiger, elephant, four to five types of deer, and diverse birds. Let’s see how to book safari in Jim Corbett.

Jim Corbett National Park

How to Do Jim Corbett National Park Booking In Advance?

You must supply the following information in order to make a booking request:

● each visitor’s full name, age, and sex, as displayed on their identity cards, must be provided along with the confirmed amount.

● Safari timing (morning/afternoon) and preferred travel date

● the number on your ID card that is unique to you (Voter Id, Aadhar no, driving license no, etc.).

● the entrance cost for the safari has been paid in advance.

● If a permit is booked/confirmed, e-permits are non-refundable.

● please bring the same ID card that you used to make your online reservation.

● Indian citizens must make a reservation 45 days in advance (jungle safari can be booked a week or a day before also, but it depends entirely upon the availability).

● foreign nationals must make a reservation at least 90 days in advance.

● when making a reservation, foreign nationals must provide their passport information.

● the safari permit, on the other hand, is given out on a first-come, first-served basis (subject to availability).


If you were unable to do Jim Corbett safari booking due to a technical fault or a seat is unavailable, don’t worry because the entire cost will be refunded. You can also contact us and we are available 24/7 to help you.

Rules To Know Before Visiting Jim Corbett National Park

A wildlife sanctuary is a place that is set up to protect animals from humans. The animals are usually rescued from the wild and brought to the sanctuary. They are given an environment where they can live without fear of danger.

The first thing you need to know before visiting a wildlife sanctuary is what type of animal you want to see. There are different types of sanctuaries, each with its own type of animal. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the best places to visit if you want to see Bengal tigers.

Bengal Tiger
Jim Corbett National Park

Rules for safari Ride

Rules for safari Ride
Jim Corbett National Park

Equipment Rules to Keep In Mind

  • It is not permitted to use flash photography during Jim Corbett safari Booking.
  • There is no cell service inside the park, so don’t bring your phone. If you insist on using it, make Sure it’s on silent or vibration mode.
  • Always have suitable camera bags and other equipment on hand to protect your equipment from rain, dust, and other elements.
  • If you’re bringing a large lens, such as a 400mm or a prime lens for photography, let the resort know ahead of time and request a bean bag.

Be Prepared to Enjoy Jim Corbett safari

You cannot enter without a valid picture ID, so bring your passport or a photo ID. Conduct research about the weather and the temperatures to be expected during safaris. Many visitors from colder climates underestimate the winter temperatures in the forest and are pleasantly surprised. If you are allergic to dust, bring a mask to protect your nostrils because the park & trails are largely dry and dusty. Moreover, you should do Jim Corbett national park and safari booking online and in advance to avoid last moment hassles.

Staying Inside Corbett Tiger Reserve: An adventurous Spot

Are you curious to spend your amazing time inside the park with wild animals? Visiting adventurous places is a great way to broaden your horizons and also have fun in the process. It is the best way to learn about yourself when put into new and uncomfortable situations. So, we are here with the next amazing place that makes you feel great to watch the live tigers and beautiful birds for a lifetime memorable experience. One of the best places is Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India. Let’s see how you can enjoy it there.

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Top Places to Stay Inside Corbett National Park

Corbett national park is said to be famous for different species of tigers and is a popular place in Uttarakhand. Many tourists all over the world visit this adventurous place to watch live tigers and other predators. One of the best visiting spots is the Jim Corbett safari Booking ride which is the best activity to perform. To get a chance to stay inside the wild reserve will be a heroic moment for tourists and the best destination to witness live tigers, leopards and many beautiful species of birds.

There are many rest houses inside the park to stay in the night and enjoy the natural beauty with your family. Some of the best places to stay inside the Corbett National Park is: 

Halduparoa Forest Rest house gives the best view of the river and the greenery of the forest. The visitors love to stay at this place due to its attractiveness and embrace yourself with wild creatures. Rathuwadhab is another resting place that is situated on the banks of the Mandal river. It offers the amazing destination of nearby villages and a majestic view of the river.

The Next staying spot is Morghatti which is considered the top site for beautiful birds and a variety of species of animals. For bird lovers, this is the perfect place to stay and get close to the hilarious species.

The last one is Mundiyapani Rest House which is situated on the great heights and centre of the forest. It is completely covered with dense forest and loves to watch the dangerous predators of various types and make your desired trip one of the mesmerizing moments for a lifetime.

To spend your precious time inside the National Park, Tickets are available on the site for Jim Corbett to book Jim Corbett safari packages and enjoy your trip.

Best Tourist Spots to Visit near Jim Corbett National Park

The wilderness of Corbett is fascinating: leopards and tigers reside there, birds live in peace, people love the greenery, and tourists find nature therapeutic. This two-day trip is both exciting and soothing. However, if you’re looking for a longer and more thrilling holiday, we recommend visiting some of the gorgeous sites surrounding Jim Corbett National Park.

Some of these locations are hidden gems where you can recharge your batteries, while others, like Nainital, are ideal for a casual family trip. If you’re planning a week-long trip in Uttarakhand, don’t miss out on these incredible new Jim Corbett attractions.

Tourist spot

Top Attractions One Must Visit 

  1. Dhikala Tourism Zone: It is located on the outskirts of the vast Patil Dun valley, where the Ramganga flows via various channels. It is the only spot in the Indian National Park where you can spend the night in the middle of nature. A hardcore wild lifer recommends a highly intriguing location to stay in. It provides a spectacular perspective over the valley, including the Kanda. 

  2. Garjia Temple: The temple is actually a massive rock in the middle of the river Kosi, which has been given the name Garjia Devi in honour of the deity. After climbing numerous flights of steps, devotees arrive at the shrine.

  3. Corbett Water Fall: By surface, it is approximately 25 km from Ramnagar City. The waterfall is nestled among the lush greenery and drops into a little lagoon-style pool. It’s an excellent picnic location for visitors to Corbett National Park.

  4. Dhangarhi Museum: The museum, which is located near the park’s main entrance gate, serves as an introduction toJim Corbett National Park. The museum displays as much information as possible regarding the park’s topography and wildlife species.

  5. Kosi River: Masheer lives along the river, which also attracts a variety of migratory birds. As a result, the region is ideal for bird watching and photography. It’s a terrific spot for young visitors to sit on the riverbank in the evenings, have a beer, and read their favourite book.

  6. Kalagarh Dam: The Kalagarh Dam built in 1947 and is also known as Ramganga Dam. The project aims to provide irrigation and hydroelectricity to the surrounding areas. It is within the Corbett National Park limits and is a popular tourist destination for visitors to the park.

The list does not end with these few mentioned places. So, visit our site for Jim Corbett Safari Booking and National Park.

Make Your Trip to Corbett National Park Exceptional With Safari Ride

Jim Corbett National Park located in the Himalayas of northern India is a place where you can enjoy both wildlife and nature. With its lush evergreen forests and snow-capped mountains, this national park is home to more than 500 species of birds and animals like tigers, rhino and elephants. The park was established in 1936 by Jim Corbett who played a great role in saving the wildlife of the area.

Corbett National Park has a diverse and diverse landscape. Tourists of all types flock here to make the most of their vacation time. The temporary landscape provides tourists from all over the world with an once-in-a-lifetime experience. The standard in India’s national parks keeps your wanderlust alive.

If you' re visiting the park, don' t come with a set agenda, especially if you' re hoping to see tigers. The main goal of all visitors is to see the tigers, but this is entirely dependent on luck.

Corbett Jungle Safari
Jim Corbett National Park

Magic of Corbett Jungle Safari

Many times, you have fewer opportunities to see wildlife, but don' t give up hope because this is a common complaint. Unfortunately, while visiting Corbett National Park, visitors associate tiger sightings with the success of their trip. No need to worry, the magic of the jungle will not be lost even if you do not go on a jungle safari or see a tiger.

Apart from tigers, there are numerous other animals and birds to discover in Corbett National Park. The jungle is home to jackals, tuskers, Sāmbhar deer, bear, hog deer, barking deer, and leopards, as well as 600 species of birds.

True explorers will never refuse what is served to them. The park is extremely specialized in all kinds of wildlife.

ExploreJim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park

Living Place: Major Things to Consider

When it comes to staying in resorts in Corbett, there are a few things to keep in mind.

● Make an effort to stay near the jungle.

● If you' re lucky, you might be able to spot your main celebrity tiger without even going on safari.

● during the night, there may be sightings of wildlife crossing the road.

There are numerous resorts and lodges available for your wonderful stay in which you can enjoy the luxury of wildlife. It is better to book everything online so as to avoid last-minute problems and standing in long queues. Well, you can visit our website online for Jim Corbett safari booking.

Camping In Corbett National Park: An Unforgettable Experience

Many people want to spend a night in a camping area. Well, there are several places such as parks, riverside banks, and jungles to get this experience but have you thought about camping in a wildlife forest. Jim Corbett National Park is mostly famous for Jim Corbett safari Booking and tigers, but is also a popular place for camping. 

Camping is the most enjoyable weekend activity and a great way to spend quality time with friends. It involves an overnight stay away from home in a shelter such as a tent, a caravan, or even just sleeping bags.

Adventure camping in Jim Corbett

It gives a chance to bond with nature and gets away from the stresses of everyday life. Camping can be done in a wide range of places and is an activity that everyone enjoys. Adventure camping provides an outlet for families to do just that: adventure! This type of camping allows you to bring your family into nature.

To happily spend your vacation between wildlife and in a pollution-free environment, there is another attractive spot with mesmerising views that will make your day full of excitement and joy.

How to Make Camping More Adventurous? 

Camping in Corbett Region offers you a chance to embrace yourself with beautiful views, charming birds and dangerous predators. There are some of the best places to have an adventurous experience of camping in Jim Corbett hotels

The first camping spot Camp Corbett is another place to visit that is located in the thick forest of the Kuma on region of Uttarakhand. This campsite is ideal for fun and full of adventurous activities.

The next one is Camp Riverwild Ris Corbett Bijrani camp which offers a pleasant and cool atmosphere with green lawns. It is famous for its beautiful gardens.

Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park

Escort offers the rich and real feel of dark woods where people mostly prefer to go camping with family and friends.

Wildrift Camp Kyari is perfect to explore wildlife adventures with nearby jungles. You also enjoy the ride on mountains on a bike and feel a natural beauty.

The last one is Camp Milieu which is said to be the most beautiful hilltop surrounded by green forest and has a variety of Himalayan species. This place is the top tourist destination of Nainital and Corbett.

So, hurry up, Jim Corbett national park booking is available on our website and get Safari Corbett ride booking in advance for any inconvenience.