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    Jim Corbett National Park

    Engulfed in the bounty of nature, accentuated by the flowering blossom's fragrance, blended miraculously in the crisp of the air, Nainital is a place, surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains with lakes, also named as The City of Lakes in India. When we talk about Nainital, the first thing that strikes the mind is to meet the legendary tigers dwelling in the jungles of Nainital.

    Turning over the geography and general knowledge book pages, we often come across Jim Corbett National park's name. This name gives us the thought of meeting the majestic tigers, which is fascinating and frightening. If your heart is like candy, prompting you to experience the deep Jungle full of wilderness, then Jim Corbett National Park is the ultimate destination for you. Jim Corbett Safari is another main attraction of the park where tourists like to haunt every year.

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      History Of Jim Corbett National Park

      The park is distinguished into five zones attracting tourists from every corner of the globe, namely, Dhikala, Jhirna, Bijrani, Sonandi, and Domunda. However, it is among the few of those national parks where you can stay overnight to enjoy the thrilling charm of the park. Many tourists opt for Dhikala Booking in advance. The animals' multiplex behavior is intriguing, and their sound is echoing in the park, which is very much pleasing to the ears. There are multiple Jim Corbett Hotels found within the park with luxurious accommodation and facilities.

      Before its formation in 1936, the Jim Corbett park was private property for hunting to the Tehri Garhwal princely state. Later on, acknowledged by the unique beauty of Jim Corbett, several Britishers tried to make it a wildlife reserve.

      The Jim Corbett National Park's panoramic beauty lures many wildlife buffs to visit the place across India and abroad. Almost everyone has heard or is aware of Jim Corbett, a British hunter who turned into conservationist later, who played a pivotal role in saving the animals and establishing the park.

      There might be some reason behind the drastic transformation of a hunter into a conversationalist. When Jim Corbett went hunting, he realized that the wildcats were suffering from certain diseases caused by the gunshots and by the porcupine quills. The unhealed wounds of the tigers made them turn into man-eaters. The humans became the prime threat for the tigers.

      Jim Corbett realized that the only way to stop the tigers from eating men is to protect them from the careless gunshots. He made every possible effort to preserve the wildcats and understand animals' wilderness and the importance of nature. With an idea to promote the Jim Corbett National Park, he established the unique tiger territory to protect India's most endangered species, including the royal tigers. Jim Corbett became the crusader for animal rights, and from then, the traditional practice of hunting the wildcats was prohibited. The lush forest in North India remains the wealthiest animal concentration in the Jim Corbett National Park of India.

      If you are planning for a tour in Jim Corbett Park, you can also go for online Jim Corbett Booking to get the permits to enter the park.