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Emphasizing A New Safari Zone To The JimCorbett

Jim Corbett Packages

Jim Corbett National Park welcomes tourists throughout the year to spot the enthralling tigers and other dangerous beasts living in this region for years. In the winter season, the park witnesses a huge rush of tourists scattered in the entire territory of Corbett park. The crowd sometimes becomes uncontrollable for the forest guards and intolerable for the animals, which leads to the emergence of introducing a new zone- Ringoda at Jim Corbett Park. 

The state government has taken the initiative to expand the park for the animals and for the tourists who come here with the only wish of tracing tigers in their natural habitat. With the increase in travelers in this park, the existing zones for tourism were falling short. They later decided to emphasize a news zone and will conduct safaris for the new trends of tourists. The location in Jim Corbett park is perfect for tigers to live in as it gives the natural habitat with marshlands, vivid landscape, and the weather condition for their survival.

Ringoda Tourist Zone will be introduced to the travelers from November, where no tourists will be disappointed with not getting a seat in the gypsy or canter. They have to obtain tickets from the Jim Corbett Safari Booking from the outside gate of the park. In this zone, 15-15 gypsies will be conducted for the safari in the morning and evening shifts, accompanied by a forest guide to navigating the best spot to trace the tigers. Everyone associated with the Jim Corbett park directly or indirectly is also excited about the opening of new zones.

The new tourism zone will help promote stoicism in India as we all love to visit the wildlife sanctuaries because they give the perfect visions of animals roaming around you. The state government of Uttarakhand is invigilating the area by building new hotels, roads, routes and providing better transport facilities for the tourists. The new zone will be recognized as the buffer area of Jim Corbett Park. 

Currently, there are seven seven tourism zones in Jim Corbett Park. They are Dhikala Tourism Zone, Bijrani Tourism Zone, Dhela Safari Zone, Jhirna Safari Zone, Durgadevi Safari Zone, Pakhro Safari Zone, and Ringora Safari Zone.

The best part of these zones is the animals are equally distributed in each zone so that nobody can prefer particular zones of their choice. They are unique in their way, and you can spot elephants in the zones due to the marshlands and get the chance of spotting the tigers near the bank of the water bodies flowing within the park. Most importantly, there are many hotels built to make a comfortable trip to the jungle. You can also opt for Jim Corbett Packages for a hassle-free journey to this park.

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