Jim Corbett Packages

Spend The Nights In The Deep Jungle Of Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett Packages

Tourists from different parts of the country witness the majestic tigers in Jim Corbett National Park. But to make the entire trip the most comfortable and thrilling one, take an inside journey to the hotels present inside the Jim Corbett national park for 100 years. They were made for the forest officers who camped in the jungle as there was no other accommodation available for the forest patrolling work. Spent the nights with the wild beast amidst the park, which is the enchanting Royal Bengal Tigers. Few Jim Corbett Packages also include these hotels to give the utmost pleasure to their travelers. 

Accommodations in the Dhikala Zone

Sarapduli Forest House

As you overlook the banks of the Ramganga River, you will notice a small and beautiful rest house amidst the jungle. This rest house was built in 1908, where you can spot wild mammals like tigers and elephants.

Large pools of Mahseer, and some fish-eating birds, like kingfisher, eagle are easily spotted at the bank of the Ramganga river. Crocodiles and other reptiles can also be spotted on the surface of the riverbank of Jim Corbett Park.

Gairal Forest House

When you are in a detour to the roads of In the Dhangari-Dhikala, the rest house was built in 1903, which occupies 4 rooms and 8-bed dormitory facilities for their guests. The rest house has been constructed on the bank of the Ramganga river of Jim Corbett Park. The most mesmerizing view of the crocodiles and gharials basking on the rock surfaces can be spotted easily after staying in this rest house. Tourists enjoy the tranquility, and the incredible beauty of the forests is excellent for bird watching.

Dhikala Forest House

For wildlife tourism in India, the Dhikala forest has gained immense popularity since its establishment. The structure of the rest house represents a historical monument built 100 years before; some renovation has been done later for its maintenance. This well-known destination is located in Patli Dun valley, from where the Ramganga river flows through various channels. You can also opt for a jungle trail, but a Jim Corbett Safari Booking is a must before that.

Sultan Forest House

This forest rest house stands in the first position when you enter from the Dhikala Jim Corbett Gateway. The place is ideal for a small group of travelers and was built in 1903, situated 25 km away from the Ramganga river. It has a double bedroom, the rest house gots its name after the seasonal stream, running through that area. While staying in this rest house, you can spot deer and the omnipotent birdlife, who come to the river bank to quench their thirst in the summers.

Khinnanauli Forest Rest House

This forest resort is well known as tiger territory, and living in this rest house gives you the thrilling effect of the nights and the old beats. To promote tourism in the state, the higher authority has permitted the building of a rest house amid the KhinnanauliChaur.

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