Hunting For A New Gateway For The Delhi Locales To Jim Corbett National Park

Enveloped within the mountain ranges of Aravalli and Vindhya ranges, there is forest, reckoned as the wild cats’ home-Jim Corbett National Park. As we know, the forest got its name from the famous legendary hunter Jim Corbett, whose tremendous effort sparks in the entire forest and on its residents. Many tourists from different countries come to this place to enchant the Royal Bengal Tigers’ presence in the woods. But some of the visitors want their journey to be shorter and less hectic.

 Royal Bengal Tigers
Jim Corbett National Park

Wildlife lovers from the Delhi NCR region always express their grief for their long and hectic journey to this park. A few days back, they got excited with the news that Uttarakhand’s state government is making a new gateway for these people from Kotdwar, making their journey short and easy.

The government authorities are adventuring for a new route to bring the park closer to Delhi. This will cut down 80 kilometers of driving distance from Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park. To date, the only route which is accessible for the visitors from Delhi is via Ramnagar to Jim Corbett Park.

The distance from Delhi to the tiger reserve is over 280 kilometers; with the new route, the distance will be cut down to 200 kilometers. The route will come via Phakharo. Many tourists, especially the elderly persons, eventually cancel their trip to Jim Corbett due to the long-distance, which makes trouble for them. The new route will come with a greater relief to the people of Delhi. The central government has approved the permit for the new gateway to the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve.

The park was established in 1936 with a prime aim to conserve the tigers from extinction and preserve the forest to enrich our planet’s biodiversity. It is located in Nainital, surrounded by many water bodies, open meadows, and plateaus. Its entire territory ranges over 500 square kilometers, with beautiful terrain, making the region a treat for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Love for nature has exploded here, on an open gypsy or by an elephant ride in the Jim Corbett forest.

Jim Corbett National Park

The forest is the sole home for many species like- hyenas, big cats, reptiles, deer, elephants, birds, prairie dogs, and other rare species. It also offers a plethora of other recreational activities to the visitors, like fishing, river angling, river rafting, etc. Both the summer and winter season is the best time to explore the forest. Opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to enjoy the rides on an open gypsy.

The Jim Corbett Packages offers the best quality of accommodation, food, and transport. They take all the responsibility from your shoulder and make your trip to the tiger reserve the most memorable one.

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