New zone in jim corbett

Jim Corbett Is All Set To Get The World Heritage Status From UNESCO

New zone in jim corbett

There are 37 world heritage sites in India, among which two of the famous world heritage sites fall under Uttarakhand’s state. Recently, the news is coming that Uttarakhand’s state government is appealing to get this tag for the most famous wildlife sanctuary, Jim Corbett National Park. They are trying to include this site in the UNESCO list. The forest department says that there are lots of advantages of this tag, and they will also get global attention in the conservation of project tigers.

Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve
Jim Corbett National Park

Initiative to Include Jim Corbett in the World Heritage List

Being a pioneer of wildlife sanctuaries of the country, Jim Corbett National park currently provides shelter to 260 tigers, 50 species of mammals and 25 species of reptiles, and 25r0 species of birds. The park is an ecological system for its diversified flora and fauna. Many tourists from various parts of the world come here to sight the famous Royal Bengal Tiger, the nation’s pride. Jim Corbett Safari Booking is a ticket to avail of the safari in the park.

So far, only two sites have got the world heritage tag from UNESCO. In Uttarakhand are- Chamoli- the valley of flowers and the Nanda Devi Biosphere has been included in the UNESCO lists. Still, the most renowned Jim Corbett Park remained unseen for many of us. The forest conservator is preparing the proposal for the inclusion of Jim Corbett as the Chief wildlife conservator.

Advantages to being a World Heritage Site

  • UNESCO enriches the conservation and protection of the wildlife sanctuaries economically, giving it international attention to its immediate need to flourish the region.
  • The Jim Corbett forest department and the veterans need some training to deal with the wildlife beast. UNESCO provides funds for the restoration and preservation, giving proper equipment to the forest department and other benefits for the wild beasts’ wellbeing.
  • It will promote the Jim Corbett National Park, raise its economic condition, and provoke tourists to visit the park to increase the capital, which will help in the country’s economic growth.
  • The sites can access global projects and can be recognized as the pride of their nation. That country can ask for funds from the UNESCO members if some natural destruction, like flood or storm, destroys the forest or its wildlife.
  • To achieve Jim Corbett Park’s conservation goals, the state government can claim facilities from the state government, NGOs, and private sectors for funds, promoting firm tie-ups with the United Nations system, with prestige as a World Heritage site.

These few benefits cannot be overlooked by India’s people, which will help protect the endangered species of the country. To help the tigers, visit the park by availing Jim Corbett Packages with your family and friends so that more funds can be collected to preserve and save tigers from being extinct.

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