Jim Corbett National Park

Must to Enthral; The Best Safari Zones of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

The parks’ history tells incredible stories of royal Bengal tigers, their nature, and their mood dwelling in the large area of the wildlife sanctuary. It is pretty known to everyone that the forest was named after the famous hunter Jim Corbett. The man who made an enormous effort to save the tigers from being endangered.  

Every year a vast crowd experiences the beauty of the Jim Corbett National Park, and this has become the reason behind creating the buffer zones to distribute the rush equally to every zone. It has divided the park into five buffer zones where other tourist activities take place every day. Obtain the ticket by Jim Corbett Safari Booking to explore the safari zones.

Dhikala Safari Zone

The most popular zones, located 50kms in the dense forest. The range is the best place to click a picture of the valley, and the river channels cover the river channels flowing in the reservoir. Dhikala chaur and Phulai chaur are the vast grassland of the region.

Jhirna Safari Zone

Blessed with a wide range of wildlife beauty, the zone is the most preferred one to view the Jim Corbett National Park‘s felines. Located in the southern part of the park, the region once occurred as a village, but it has now changed into a dense forest.

Bijrani Safari Zone

This range is known as the highest populated wildlife and unique vegetation compared to the park’s other zones. Amanda Gate is the nearest entry point to the park from Ramnagar station. The dense forest has made the region capable of attracting the wildlife in the park.

Durga Devi Safari Zone

This is located on the hills on the north eastern side of the park. The Ramganga River flowing by its side is the major attraction of Jim Corbett Park. Fishing in the Gormuda River also enthrals visitors to visit this region repeatedly. The area is famous for elephants, as they think this region is made for them only. And the lovely picturesque beauty of the valley and the Mandal River flowing in this region also attracts tourists. The famous Masheer fish lives in the water of this river, which is also seen with a lot of excitement.

Sonanadi Safari Zone

This region is a part of Jim Corbett National Park. It comes under the Sonanandi ranges, where the Asiatic elephants, reptiles, tigers, deer find themselves secured from their enemy’s hands, that is, natural disaster or humans. It is the place where a fantastic range of flora and fauna can be witnessed.

In the concluding lines of the article, it is to be said that don’t miss to visit the park as it is the mixture of nature and the inhabitants of the natured. opt for Jim Corbett Packages are the best to make your trip more synchronized without getting harassment from anything.

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