Jim Corbett National Park

The Increase In The Population of Tigers in Jim Corbett; A Top of the World Achievement for India

Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

Indian Forest comprises a vast stretch of forest alongside which entails the wildlife to live there peacefully. One such example is the Jim Corbett National park. It holds many secrets, yet to be revealed, once entered into the deep inside. The Park is situated in the heart of Nainital, is the most desired place for animal enthusiasts. Composed of the essence of thrill and excitement, the Jim Corbett National Park has been divided into four buffer zones- Bijrani, Dhikala, Jhirna, and Durgadevi. These zones remain heavily crowded throughout the year. You must have known that the park got its name after the famous hunter Jim Corbett.

Increase in Tiger Population

The recent survey shows that there have been increasing numbers of visitors in the last couple of years. This may be the reason for the increase in the number of tigers in this park. Recent news revealed that Jim Corbett National Park has the highest number of tigers than any other park in India. It seems to be good news for the citizens of India. Mostly for those who love animals the most. The numbers expanded to 253 inside the reserve and 266 outside the reserve.

Jim Corbett National Park ranks in the top position among the 50 reserves in India. According to a census, Uttarakhand had 340 tigers, including 215 in Corbett and 16 in Rajaji Tiger Reserve. To see the tigers’ great movements in the park, almost 70,000 tourists arrive here to spot the tigers at their best positions. Jim Corbett park drives tourists for its picturesque beauty of nature and the Royal Bengal Tigers as well. With sheer greenery meadows, with two rivers passing through the region- Kosi and Ramganga make the park a nation’s gem.

Best Time to Visit

The peak time to visit the park is in the winter season, from November to June. The days are enjoyable, while the nights are chilly at this time. Tigers and the other felines enjoy the weather too. Some migratory birds are also seen during this period at Jim Corbett. And if you want your vacation more thrilling, opt for Jim Corbett Safari through the interior of the forest. On an open gypsy, you can watch the tigers moving very near to you with their babies all around. For that, you have to obtain a Jim Corbett Safari Booking to enter the park. Although the park offers a plethora of activities to the visitors starting from elephant ride, canter ride, and jeep safari. You can also do angling, River rafting, and other types of recreational activities within the park in winter.

Summing Up

You can reach the park through various transportation facilities available all the time. You have to reach Ramnagar station first, as Ramnagar has good connectivity that connects India’s different cities. There are numerous Jim Corbett Packages that invite people who want to come to the place. Many tourists gather here to witness the majestic felines and India’s treasure- The Royal Bengal Tigers.

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