Garjiya Temple History

Visit The Tribal Garjiya Mandir At Jim Corbett Park

Garjiya Temple History

Jim Corbett National Park is the sole home of the majestic tigers- The Royal Bengal Tiger. It is the center attraction of the state of Uttarakhand. People from many parts of the world come here to see them with excitement and blood-curdling imagination. They roam in the nearby villages with pride and are unafraid of anything. It is worth capturing the vision of those sights by the naked eyes. Jim Corbett Safari Booking Online Here.

Many photographers come here to try their luck by capturing the best scenes of these tigers and their families living in this park. The safaris, the landscape, the unending mountain ranges are the other attractions that add fun to your trip to this park. To explore the jungle on a gypsy, you have to opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking from the entry gate.

A Tour to the Garjiya Devi Temple

One of the most preferred attractions that the park engulfs is the visit to the Garjiya Park Temple. The temple connects the visitors with the locals living nearby the park for years, and hence, it would be a wonderful visit for all who want to go into the depth of this park. Goddess Devi resides in this temple, located on the border of the fabulous village named Girjiya, which is very close to the Ramnagar town of Nainital.

Garjiya Devi Temple

It draws the attraction of many tourists, as the temple is situated upon a giant rock in the Kosi river that is very near to Jim Corbett tiger reserve. It attracts almost 1000 devotees every year because of its divinity that the place offers to the worshippers, who come here to seek blessings from Goddess Devi. 

Garjiya Mandir witnesses most of the crowd at the time of Kartik Purnima. This time, worshippers enlighten the entire place with diyas and candles and decorate the Kosi river with colorful lights. They celebrate the festival organizing fair, making it a panoramic vision once a year. Tourists who come to visit Jim Corbett Park should not miss this place, especially during Kartik Purnima.

History of the Garjiya Temple

History of the Garjiya Temple

Dhikuli in Jim Corbett National Park is a small rural area which is situated near Ramnagar. The primary connection between the people of Ramnagar and Garjiya Temple is over decades. As Ramnagar narrates, different stories and beliefs can often be heard regarding the Garjiya Temple. Garjiya Devi is well known as the Shakti Peethas temple. It is said that the temple has a relation with very old royal families like Katyuri, Kuru, etc., residing in the Ramnagar for years. Garjiya Devi is the idol of the temple Seeta Bani, followed by other shrines such as – Anasooya Devi and other goddesses worshiped there.

Thus, if you want to visit the temple, make a customized itinerary so that nothing is missed from your trip. Many hotels have been built here to make your journey comfortable; you can also try Jim Corbett Packages to make your trip stress-free and memorable.

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