Jim Corbett Packages

A Series Of Perfect Accommodation In Jim Corbett Within The Sonanadi Zone

Jim Corbett Packages

Jim Corbett Packages

Are you wondering where to stay after you reach Jim Corbett Park? We all want to remain luxurious with all sorts of modern amenities provided by the hotel management, which also comes within our budget. If you acquire any Jim Corbett Packages, they will also get you the best accommodation in your predetermined location. They also aid with other facilities like sightseeing around the park, transportations, and arranging safaris to tour you within the forest, to make the sights of the wild beats conveniently. Hence, they will shoulder all your tasks to make the trip hassle-free and the most loving one.

Jim Corbett Packages

But, spending the days and nights in a jungle can be thrilling and creates an atmosphere of tension and enthralling. Especially the nights, wildlife lovers will love to spend the nights in the Jim Corbett, with a wish to see the sparkling eyes of the aggressors who desire to attack their prey in the dawn. To make your search for accommodation in the Sonanadi Zone of the park more accessible, let’s read the rest part of the blog:

Halduparao Rest House

Established in 1890, Halduparao rest house is located 50 km away from Kotdwar. From the side of the resthouse, you can see the Pailan river flowing, creating a scenic beauty for nature lovers. The entrance of the rest house from the Vatanvasa gate, which is 10 km away from the heart of the forest. 

Ranthuwadhav Rest House

Situated on the bank of the river and 65 km away from Kotdwar, this rest house was built in 1899 and offered a majestic view of the river and the nearby village. You have to enter the rest house from the Vatanvasa gate, while the rest house has two rooms with an attached kitchen and a bathroom. Don’t miss out on the safaris of this park; opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking for an optimized trip into the park. 

Morghati Forest Rest House

Many wildlife lovers prefer this rest house as it is situated in the middle of the Jim Corbett National Park mixed forest, almost 40 km away from Kotdwar. It gives a beautiful sight of the forest, where you can also hear the roaring sounds of the wild beast and the sweet chirping sounds of the birds, just sitting beside the window of the bedroom.

Mundyapani Rest House

Established in 1904, the rest house is located 547 m uphill from the foothill of the Vindhya ranges and a perfect site for bird watchers. This rest house provides two rooms, one kitchen to the third guest, where the travelers could sit on the lawn and see the mesmerizing view of the forest at night.

Are the above reads provoking you to plan a trip to experience a jungle-like Jim Corbett at night? Yes, nature always drives our mind and soul, leaving the beautiful moments of nature dwelling in their mood, creating a triumph over humans.

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