Corbett Falls

Corbett Falls – A Stunner To Stare At Days And Nights

Corbett Falls

In the district of Nainital Uttarakhand, Jim Corbett National Park has gained immense popularity because of the Jim Corbett national park. The history behind the park’s establishment cannot be forgettable, along with the man whose hard work and love for the wild beasts are nailed behind its creation. Jim Corbett- the legendary hunter who abolished the hunting of the Royal Bengal tigers and made a territory where these wild felines find themselves safe and protected.

The majestic and royal tigers are now suffering from extinction. Still, the Indian Government is taking significant steps to increase their numbers to be found in large populations wandering in the jungles of our country. Many tourists from various parts of the country see the tigers in their natural habitat in Jim Corbett Park. But, if you visit the place, you will find many other places dragging your mind to explore them once, when you are here.

Corbett Falls
Jim Corbett National Park

One of the mesmerizing places recounts the Jim Corbett waterfalls, gorgeous rustling sight, sound charms every tourist here. Waterfalls are wonders of nature, and people love this gracefulness of nature falling on earth. Water cascades from the top to bottom of the mountain give a panoramic vision of nature and retreat to our eyes.

Jim Corbettfalls are located 3 km away from Kaladhungi, a place overwhelmed by nature with the sound of water. Kempty falls in Mussoorie are very much close to this Corbett falls, but the most exciting part is the attraction for Corbett falls never spoiled by travelers and locals compared to Kempty falls. The water flowing from a height of 20 meters is calm and clear, which is worth admiring by the travelers. The water of the Corbett Falls makes a gurgling sound which is attractive and sometimes scary at night, also complemented by the chirps of 100s of birds.

The place is meant for picnic or trekking or camping purposes where many travelers and locals come to spend some time with family or loved ones. They picnic in winters to relish the beauty of nature, spend beautiful nights in the tent and small cottages nearby. Forest authorities have provided all kinds of basic facilities for the guests starting from resorts, shops, and transportation. While exploring the park, you can also opt for Jim Corbett safari; you have to obtain tickets for Jim Corbett Safari Booking from the entry gate.

You can avail Regular transport so that nature-lovers can form this place, carrying tourists from their desired zone to their preferred one, enjoying the beauty with convenience. Thus, if you plan your next trip to this, you are always welcome, as the state authority has arranged all types of needful necessities for humankind along with Jim Corbett Packages to make their trip worthwhile and comfortable.

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