Jim Corbett National Park

A Little Elephant Rushed into the Water Pool to Save a Man

Jim Corbett National Park

The most famous wildlife sanctuary of India, the Jim Corbett National Park, is situated in Uttarakhand’s Nainital District. It shelters many species of animals along with the diversified flora. They live there peacefully without human domination and interaction, which leads to human and animal conflict in which, most of the time, animals face defeat. The safaris are the park’s main attraction; people come here for jungle trails that take them to the inner core of the jungle.

A few days back, the saddest news raised a massive storm in social media. Some mischievous fellow fed crackers filled pineapple to a young pregnant elephant, which caused her death. This shows how cruel we are from our minds and heart, showcasing ill-treatment towards animals. Several questions arose seeking humanity. This mischievous and deplorable act embarrassed the entire human fraternity.

The seed for kindness should be sown in an individual from their childhood. They should learn the importance of animals’ existence on our planet. But on the contrary, animals are more compassionate than humans. The animals don’t attack any human without reason. The animals of Jim Corbett Park are innocent enough, living in their natural habitats. Show immense kind behaviour for humans, and they know how to love other living creatures, understanding their command, and showing full faith and trust in humans.

Meanwhile, an incident occurred which became popular in a brief period. A man was swimming in a small water body near a village. Suddenly he saw an elephant was passing by the river. The youngest elephant slowly went into the river, intending to save the man, whom it expected he was drowning. The man got scared but later understood the elephant’s intention to save him.

Little Elephant Rushed into the Water  to Save a Man

The man said thank you to the elephant and showed his respect towards the animal fraternity. From this incident, we can see how much they can bestow love and affection for humans, but unfortunately, we are filled with hatred, cruelty over animals. Jim Corbett Park also has many elephants in the jungle.

Our government should take strict steps and implement acts to stop the crime. Humans should be punished before laws for ill-treatment towards animals. Many NGOs and other forest departments are working together to protect the wildlife for the hands of humans. Banners and posters should be hanged up to spread awareness among people. Proper education can also cope up with these problems. Opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to see the animals with your bare eyes.

If you see in towns or cities, the street animals face the same problems of worst crime that need to be checked and should be taken seriously. Many wildlife lovers are also demanding strict actions and punishment towards these crimes. Animals have a range of emotions and also respect for human kinds. So, if you are planning for a trip in this jungle, book for Jim Corbett Packages for a stress-free tour to the park.

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