Jim Corbett Safari Booking

Buses to Run in the Inner Core of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

Jim Corbett Safari Booking

Jim Corbett National Park, situated in the district of Nainital, has raised some issues regarding the plying of few buses in the jungle’s inner core. The state government has permitted a private transport sector to run their buses on the jungle roads. “Online Jim Corbett Safari Booking Here”.

With joint ventures with the state government and the forest department, they were allowed to do the same, recently, but here the question arises: would it be safe for the wildlife beasts who wander the entire forest region? Opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to venture into the inner core of the forest.

Numerous tragic incidents lead to the most unfortunate deaths of the innocent beats, by a running train or by motor vehicles or by buses and trucks that move to and from on the jungle roads. Recently some news went viral on the web that a train hit an elephant, who went to cross the railway tracks in the middle of midnight. These incidents are responsible for the decrease of the wildlife population of theJim Corbett National Park.

Jim Corbett Safari Booking

Jim Corbett- the renowned hunter and the legendary revolutionist, led many efforts to save the tigers from extinction due to the unwanted killing of tigers by humans. Are we paying justice to the efforts of the hunter, who once thought that his revolution would be carried away by his fellow men, to save the tigers?

The state government has given strict orders to the transportation company that the ecological presence in the entire area would not be diverted, disturbing the animals’ natural existence. They should be protected from all sorts of danger, and the buses should run very slowly at the lowest speed when passing through the Jim Corbett National Park. It should not kill any animals residing in the forest, as their existence is essential for us. Their interference should not violate the region of the park.

Jim Corbett Safari Booking

Some of the wildlife lovers also opposed the date government’s decision, who approved the permission of plying buses in the inner core area of Jim CorbettPark. They said that this is not a good idea taken by the government; it would have a bitter outcome of decreasing the park’s wildlife animals. The government cannot form a handsome revenue from this initiative and thus, should ignore the petition.

The Park has a wide range of flora and fauna, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Hyena, Indian Jackal, Reptiles, elephants, birdlife, and other dangerous beasts. You will be lucky enough if you opt for Jim Corbett Packages for a stress less journey with your family, friends, and your beloved one.

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