Jim Corbett National Park – Heaven for Birdlife

Jim Corbett National Park

Discovering the different species of Himalayan birds in the foothill of the Kumaon range is a different experience that words cannot explain. There are approximately 660 types of bird species in Jim Corbett National Park. At Jim Corbett Park, advent for the Ramganga and Mandal rivers. They will overwhelm you with locals and drifter types of birds out there. 

Bird in Jim Corbett

The Dhikala zone is the perfect place for watching a vast collection of birds within the park. The forest is the visiting grounds for Ultramarine Flycatcher and Blue-winged Minla. Herons, Little and Spotted Fork tails are easy to spot in the park,  including the Long-billed Thrush and Magpie. Before you jump over to see these birds, you have to opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking, which will take you to the interior part of the forest to view the birds.

Type of Bird in Corbett

Birds need a perfect ecology and natural habitat to breed and survive- the Jim Corbett park endows them with the same. They love this place, and for so, they are the permanent residents of the forest. Jim Corbett also provides different beautiful birds who come here at the time of winter and stay there for a few months. 

The signature of a bird’s habitat is its identity. For instance, you may notice herons near water bodies, and the meadowlarks are pretty visible at open meadows. They have a streamlined body with colorful feathers covering their body. Jaws are covered with beaks. Some of the birds can also talk by initiating the humans, swim and even run. Birds can be categorized in different forms, their feeding types; their flying qualities distinguish them from others. The life span of birds varies according to their habitat; a Sulfur-crested Cockatoo can live for 80 years in a zoo or wildlife sanctuaries.

Cockatoo bird
Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Parkoffers a perfect destination for different flora and fauna species and wide ranges of birds. They create a lovely atmosphere throughout the park. Watching their activities, hearing their chirping sounds echo throughout the entire forest area soothes the ear. It rejuvenates the mind and soul of bird lovers, who come here to explore the variety of bird species. Studying their behavior, nature in the park is filled with fun and becomes an enriching experience for the birders.

If you cannot hold yourself to see the birds in Jim Corbett, go for Jim Corbett Packages. They will do all the hard chores, starting with booking the tickets, accommodation, fooding facilities, and obtaining tickets to enter the Park. Get out from the monotonous life schedule, free you from all the activities, enjoy the lovely nature, and habitats in the small district of Nainital.

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