Staying Inside Corbett Tiger Reserve

Staying Inside Corbett Tiger Reserve: An adventurous Spot

Staying Inside Corbett Tiger Reserve

Are you curious to spend your amazing time inside the park with wild animals? Visiting adventurous places is a great way to broaden your horizons and also have fun in the process. It is the best way to learn about yourself when put into new and uncomfortable situations. So, we are here with the next amazing place that makes you feel great to watch the live tigers and beautiful birds for a lifetime memorable experience. One of the best places is Jim Corbett National Park in Uttarakhand, India. Let’s see how you can enjoy it there.

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Top Places to Stay Inside Corbett National Park

Corbett national park is said to be famous for different species of tigers and is a popular place in Uttarakhand. Many tourists all over the world visit this adventurous place to watch live tigers and other predators. One of the best visiting spots is the Jim Corbett safari Booking ride which is the best activity to perform. To get a chance to stay inside the wild reserve will be a heroic moment for tourists and the best destination to witness live tigers, leopards and many beautiful species of birds.

There are many rest houses inside the park to stay in the night and enjoy the natural beauty with your family. Some of the best places to stay inside the Corbett National Park is: 

Halduparoa Forest Rest house gives the best view of the river and the greenery of the forest. The visitors love to stay at this place due to its attractiveness and embrace yourself with wild creatures. Rathuwadhab is another resting place that is situated on the banks of the Mandal river. It offers the amazing destination of nearby villages and a majestic view of the river.

The Next staying spot is Morghatti which is considered the top site for beautiful birds and a variety of species of animals. For bird lovers, this is the perfect place to stay and get close to the hilarious species.

The last one is Mundiyapani Rest House which is situated on the great heights and centre of the forest. It is completely covered with dense forest and loves to watch the dangerous predators of various types and make your desired trip one of the mesmerizing moments for a lifetime.

To spend your precious time inside the National Park, Tickets are available on the site for Jim Corbett to book Jim Corbett safari packages and enjoy your trip.

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