The surrounding area is enriched with a wide variety of fauna and flora species, and the wild and adventurous forest surrounds the Bijrani Zone of Jim Corbett Park. The experience is tailormade for a wildlife aficionado that is deadbeat of the city life and wants a refuge amidst the trees and greens. Jim Corbett is celebrated as one of the biggest and the richest in diversity when it comes to plant and animal species. It is also the oldest tiger reserve in India. The whole reserve is divided into different zones. This lodge in Bijrani holds its place as one of the most beautiful lodges in Jim Corbett. There are two forest guest houses in the zone, one being the Bijrani Forest Guest House and the other being the Malani Forest Guest House. If you want to reach the exact location you are to enter the Aamdanda Gate after getting a permit.

There are multiple packages that can offer an adventure and relaxing time for you. The packages are very specific and will tend to your needs and requirements. You can choose the package that is tailor-made for you. The basic criterion for the package selection is the time you spend in the national park. Ranging from a 1 Night / 2 Days and an overnight stay you can choose an even 3 Nights / 4 Days stay ensuring quality time and maximum engagement in wildlife safaris and adventures.

Our Packages

Day 1

You arrive at the National Park, at sunny times. It is a 30-minute way to the lodge from the main gate. You will be personally escorted to the main site where you can have brunch, relax for some time and leave for the safari in the jungle in the afternoon after which you will be served some snacks, or you go straight for the dinner menu, and spend the night at the lodge.

Day 2

You can begin your day with a good morning coffee and go straight for the safari in the morning. After the safari, you will have breakfast. And you will check out from the room and leave for the departure.

Day 1

You will arrive at the main gates and will be accompanied to your lodgings. You will be checking in around 12 at noon. You can sit, relax, and lay low for a bit and you will be having your safari in the afternoon. Enjoy your time in the wild. Spot the wild animals and relish nature in the sunny light. After your safari. You will be escorted to the site where you can have some snacks and Enjoy Your Evening. After dinner, have your night stay in your room.

Day 2

The second day will begin with the morning beverage and an early morning safari in the cool breeze. After the morning safari, you can have your first meal of your day, and rest during your stay. You can order cool beverages and ease your mind. In the afternoon you will be exploring a not yet explored area of the jungle where you will have your adventure amidst wild species of fauna in nature and other plant species. You will be exploring the beautiful valley and plains of the grasslands.

Day 3

You will be exploring the riverine environment of the reserve rich with multiple wild species. You can also opt for an elephant safari and relish the view from the top of an elephant. You will come to the resort and check out for your departure.

Day 1

You will be assisted to the main lodgings where you will be able to relax your replenish your energy for the follow-up safari in the afternoon. You will bathe in the warm sun and have the best time of your life, looking at the wild species of the jungle. The day ends in the resort with a heavy meal and a good night’s sleep.

Day 2

A freshly brewed coffee will kickstart your day into an adventure in the wild. Your journey in the forest will freshen up your mind and will provide you with catharsis, easing your mind. After the safari, you will head to the resort for an overnight stay.

Day 3

Start your day with a morning safari for the chills. You can explore the deepest trenches of Jim Corbett National Park and Tiger Reserve. After connecting with nature you will be returning to the lodge to get a relaxing sleep and rest.

Day 4

You will be escorted with your luggage to the main gates of the place from where you can begin your departure. You can also get a vehicle booked to reach the railway station or airport.

Bijrani Forest Lodge Accommodation

Bijrani offers you the best stay of your life at Forest Home, which is built in the middle of a first with beautiful exteriors and interior design. The lodgings comprise 4 double-bed rooms and 2 single king-sized beds, and with 1 dorm that consists of 4 beds. The complex has a canteen and many other amenities that will surely make your stay worthwhile. However, please do note, non-veg items of food and alcohol are strictly prohibited.

Activities At Bijrani FRH

You can easily explore and go on a safari in the Bijrani Zone. By taking a jeep you can have a deep insight into nature. You can also opt for the elephant ride available in the reserve. Taking care and being responsible is a must, if the tour guide advises you something, you should listen to them.

When And How To Visit Bijrani

The day safari is open for all wildlife aficionados, from 15th October to June 30th, every year. However, the night stay is allowed only for the visitors you book the rooms for 15th November to 14th June. You will enter through the Aamdanda Gate. the gate is located around 2 km from the Ramnagar and the forest would be waiting for you for your adventure in the wild. You can have your permit shown to the officers. You can also opt to rent only the authorized vehicles in the reserve

Accommodation Details Of Bijrani Forest House
  • Room Type: FRH (Double Bed)
  • Location: Bijrani
  • Entry Gate: Aamdanda Gate
  • Distance from Ramnagar: 9 km
  • No. of Rooms: 4
  • Restaurant and Canteen: Yes