One of the most important tourist zones in the tiger reserve in India is the Jhirna Zone. the zone is situated on the edge, at the southern part of the reserve. The land is full of a diverse variety of fauna species with flora species adorning nature to the fullest. You can spot some of the prominent species of creatures like the sambhar, nilgai, wild boar, and chital. The Tigers are the main attraction. If you spot one, you surely will be enthralled by the scene for years. This zone is tailor-made for every wildlife affectionate people. The main grassland of this zone is Chaur. The place is home to many herbivore species that include deer and elephants the land sits with a multiple river streams with tall cliff edges along them. And the best is the availability of safari and lodging opportunities which can be availed all year round.

Our Packages

Day 1

You will reach the railway station at Ramnagar. From the main gates of the reserve, you will be transferred to Jhirna Forest Lodge. You can relax for some time, after your check-in. You can order your choice of meal and get ready for the adventure. You will be exploring the lively and magnificent views of the grasslands and the riverine sides of the park. Kindly note that staying at a lodge in a particular zone allows one to explore the whole area, but not cross the zone to another.

Day 2

The morning unfolds with you in your bed ready for a coffee. The safari begins early morning. After the safari, you will be checking out of the resort and will be accompanied to the main gate and you can also be provided with a ride to the railway station.

Day 1

On Day 1, you will reach your destination and will be escorted to your main lodge where you will check in at around 12 PM. You will relax and order to treat yourself with delicious treats. You will explore the zone where you can spot species like nilgai, chital, and wild boars. And you can even spot a tiger lurking in the trees. After the safari, you will spend the night at the accommodation.

Day 2

On the second day, you will wake up and have your favourite coffee, getting ready for an early morning safari. After the safari, you will be brought snacks to satiate your appetite. You can have some rest for a follow-up safari. After the afternoon safari, you will be able to order a heavy meal to satisfy your hunger and boy is the food delicious

Day 3

Day 3 opens with you on your early morning safari exploring the rest of the land of the wild. After the safari, you can rest for a while and then check out from the resort for your departure.

Day 1

On Day 1, you will be arriving at the main location and will be escorted to the beautiful resort. there you will be offered some snacks and you will begin your day 1 of the wildlife safari. After your time in the wilderness, you will have your dinner and spend the night in a well-rested sleep.

Day 2

The second day would unfold with you having the time of life in the wild bushes of Jim Corbett National Park. you can spot the royal tigers in the grasses living their lives. After the safari, you can relax in your own way- have cool beverages, and lay low by the pool. The afternoon will unfold with you in a jeep safari and exploring the wild terrains of the Jhirna Zone.

Day 3

Another morning, but now you are more excited. The things and adornations you have seen in nature have made you feel at home. The safari will start in the morning. You will get your time to relax at the lodgings and you can go on the next safari in the afternoon just after your breakfast and your time to relax. Post-safari you will be spending your luxury time for the next, spending the night at Jhirna Forest Lodge.

Day 4

You will go for your last safari trip to the unexplored areas of the zone and make most of your time. After the safari, you will have your breakfast, and check out from the hotel for your departure.

Jhirna Forest Lodge Accommodation

This is the only lodge in the Jhirna Zones. The resort has 4 rooms all available for the tourists that want to stay there. A person can book up to 2 rooms at once for a stretch of 3 nights. Every room has a double bed in them with an in-room bathroom with all the amenities you would require. The bathrooms are tidy and the living space is very spacious. This forest lodge is an ideal choice for all the tourists looking for a resort in the Jhirna Zone.

Activities At Jhirna FRH

You can avail the jungle safari opportunities and have your time of the day and evening after the safari with your favourite meals. You can also watch birds as they chirp on the branches and explore the jungle as extensively as you want.

When And How To Visit Jhirna

It is advised to arrive at the reserve in the morning so that you can avail all the adventure from the start of the day. It is open to all throughout the year. But the night stay at the FRH is permitted from the 2nd week of November to the 2nd week of June. The entry is through the Dhela Gate. which stands around 20 kilometres from Ramnagar. You will have to hire a jeep to get into the national park.

Accommodation Details Of Dhikala Forest House

There are six different wings in the Dhikala Forest Lodge which can be categorized as follows:

  • Entry Gate: Dhela Gate
  • Distance from Ramnagar : 15Km
  • Open and Closed Period : Open throughout the year (subject to road and weather condition)
  • Safari Offered : Day Jeep Safari
  • Maximum Number of Safari Jeep : 30 Jeeps per Shift (2 Shift in a day)
  • Forest Rest House : Jhirna FRH)