Tourist Attractions Around the Corbett National Park

The Jungle Safari in the Jim Corbett National Park is unmatched, and it’s the main attraction of the tourists visiting Jim Corbett. Apart from the jungle safari, there are other attractions in and around the National Park that you must not miss.

Tourist Attractions Around the Corbett

Below is a list of tourist destinations in and around the Jim Corbett that you can visit and enhance your experience.

  • Suspension Bridge

Near about 150 years old, the Suspension Bridge, also known as Jhula Pul, is one of the key tourist attractions. It lies near the Dhikuli village of Ramnagar, located in the vicinity of the Jim Corbett national park. It is a hanging iron bridge that is built over the Kosi River. It is no doubt an adventurous experience to hand around this bridge and enjoy the mesmerizing views around. However, the bridge is too old and is broken in some places. So you need to be very careful while walking through it. Here you can also participate in some adventure sports like river rappelling.

  • Elephant Safari

You can enjoy an elephant safari from the elephant safari point and tour through the forest reserve. The elephant safari also allows you to cross the Kosi River sitting at the back of the giant creature. You can reach the Garjiya Devi temple by crossing the river.

  • Garjiya Devi Temple

This famous temple is situated on a giant rock at the heart of the Kosi River. Here Devi Shakti sits on the holy shrine with the name of Garjiya Devi. This is one of the most famous temples in the Nainital district that attracts numerous devotees at Kartik Poornima. You can visit this spot during your Corbett park visit as it lies in the vicinity of the forest. However, it is good to avoid visiting the temple during the monsoon when the water of the Kosi River remains high. 

  • Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure

The Corbett National Park has everything in store for everyone, and the adventure lovers are also not an exception in this regard. You can have some adrenaline rush during your Corbett National park visit by spending some time in the Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure Park. If you are lucky enough, your Jim Corbett Packages might also include this spot. A variety of adventure sports are available here that are enough to keep everyone hooked on.

  • Corbett Museum

If you want to visit the home of the legendary hunter Jim Corbett, you ought to see the Corbett Museum. This famous hunter played a significant role in the establishment and conservation of the Corbett National Park. They have turned this heritage bungalow into a museum that showcases the memorabilia of the hunter, including belongings, rare photographs, hunting equipment, antiques, achievements, and letters.

What are you waiting for with so many options in your hand? Plan a visit to some of these places once finished with your Jim Corbett Safari Booking.

Sunil Sachdev Celebrated International Day of Forest in Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park

Celebrating special days in wildlife sanctuaries gives immense pleasure that words cannot express. Granting this motive, Sunil Sachdev celebrated the International Day of Forest in the Jim Corbett National Park. The theme was decided by the United Nations, which was forest restoration this year. Many wildlife lovers went to the park to celebrate International day with the wild feline and the wide variety of plants residing in the forest.

And when a celebrity visits the wildlife sanctuary, it increases its value and adds value to that special occasion. This happened in the Jim Corbett forest when Sunil Sachdev, who is also a photographer, went to the woods to see the glimpses of the wild felines of the park. In one of his interviews, he revealed that he visited the park 50 times, as he had a soft corner for the wild animals.

Sunil Sachdeva in Jim Corbett national Park

Besides this, theJim Corbett National Park also made trips to Ranthambore (Rajasthan), Tadoba, and Kabini (Karnataka). He also disclosed that he first met with the big cats when he was a toddler. From his childhood days, he is a big fan of big cats. And for this reason, he is attracted to the forest for years.

Sunil Sachdev, a name that creates a storm in Television these days, starred as the characters in the shows like Bhabhi, Madhubala, Sapna…Babul Ka Bidaai. He was so busy with the work that he had to keep his love for the animals a secret. After many years, he made his passion open in the outer world, and now he got the opportunity to showcase his attraction for the animals on such auspicious days. Opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to board on a gypsy or a canter inside the forest.

Tiger reserve

He also asserted that the beauty, magic, and the serenity of the beautiful forest and its topography of Jim Corbett mesmerized him whenever he came for a visit to this place. He becomes frantic by the view of the beautiful topography that includes the panoramic grassland, greenery meadows, the hills surrounding the forest, and the rivers flowing within the jungle.

He beautifully expresses his notes by saying that even if one missed to spot a tiger inJim Corbett, one could feel the jungle by staying here for a few days. Exploring the heart of the jungle on an open gypsy gives the experience of thrill, excitement by living with nature, surrounded by the beautiful sounds of animals and birds.

Thus, we should support the cause of forest conservation, save the animals and their residents, and make beautiful earth. The involvement of celebrities for the worthy cause can prompt other people to help the animals to live in this place without any disturbance from the outer world. It is advised, Jim Corbett Packages can make your trip stress-free and hassle-free.

Bid Adieu to the Elephant Rides in the Jim Corbett Park

The State Government of Uttarakhand has banned elephant safaris and the commercial use of elephants in Jim Corbett National Park. In a new move, tourists now could not enjoy the joy rides on the back of an elephant. It has been enacted to prevent cruelty on animals by loading huge loads on their back to earn money.

This might upset the tourists of Jim Corbett National Park to an extent, but they would understand the problem that the animals had to face every day. They cannot roam independently; they have to follow the orders of the owners. Otherwise, they have to face ill-treatment from their owners.


elephant safari
FY31A7 Indian or one-horned rhinoceros and tourists on elephant safari in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Tourists from across the globe have also appreciated the step taken by the state government. They said that the most needful thing, which should be taken in action, the Indian Government Authority cannot keep muted in these scenarios. Elephants often get hurt while carrying the tourists on their back in the Jim Corbett park and get severe injuries. Animals need proper awareness and conservation by the forest department, rather than using them for our benefit.

They also shared their views by saying that these elephants should be given proper medical treatment and should be freed to roam in the jungles in their natural habitat. They are innocent beasts, and we should not harm them at any cost. An open gypsy and canter buses would only excavate the safaris. At present, their 200 safaris allowed them to venture within the park, escorting tourists to the inner core of the jungles. For that, you have to obtain permits from the forest department by Jim Corbett Safari Booking

Wildlife has always boosted the Indian Tourism industry by generating a bigger revenue from this source.  Jim Corbett national park is the most famous wildlife sanctuary whose history has been written in golden letters. The park got its name from the legendary hunter- Jim Corbett, whose untiring efforts have led to establishing this tiger reserve. His only goal was to save the tigers from illegal hunting to increase the numbers of Royal Bengal Tigers in India.

The forest department carries out these efforts, the state government authorities, and other private NGOs, to conserve the wild beasts from extinction forever. India shelters 70% of the wildlife beats by creating these wildlife sanctuaries across the country. Indian Government is also taking financial help from foreign countries to renovate the park and providing an excellent environment to the beasts.

You can find the best hotels and resorts, which are included in Jim Corbett Packages for a stress-free vacation. To see the glimpses of the majestic tigers, plan a holiday to the first with your family under the lap of nature.

Stop Over The Most Deluxe Hotels of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett Hotels Package

Nowadays, people are very much fond of luxury living and style. They opt for deluxe hotels whenever they go for an outing or to relish the days of their outdoor vacations. If you plan for a sophisticated trip in the wildlife sanctuaries like Jim Corbett national park, opt for Jim Corbett Packages. This will aid you to find splendid deluxe resorts, food and navigate you to explore the entire sightseeing around the forest. 

Country Inn Corbett Resort

Country Inn Corbett Resort

The 4-star resort is located near the Garija entrance gate of Jim Corbett forest, designed beautifully to respond to all your natural stimuli. It made the most desired place for the wildlife enthusiast with decorated rooms enveloped with all valuable amenities, attached bathroom, and outdoor lawn. If you are coming with families, they also provide suites, as well as spa facilities.

The Aahana Resort

The Aahana Resort

To imagine the wilderness of the Jim Corbett National Park, a stay on this resort is a must. It is an eco-friendly five-star hotel nestled in the calm atmosphere of the forest region. You can also spend your leisure by staging in the resort and relaxing on the poolside, feeling the pleasant breeze in the evening.

You can also explore the bonfire by lighting up in the night at Jim Corbett National Park.You don’t have to worry about the rooms, as it is beautifully designed with furniture, an air conditioner, a small refrigerator, and other valuable amenities and an attached spacious bathroom.

Samsara Resort and Club

Samsara Resort and Club

At the periphery of Jim CorbettPark, 4 km away from the Ramnagar station, a five-star hotel provides an eye-pleasing view of the Kosi River. Nature is the main attraction of the park, which the resort has perfectly engulfed into its beauty. By staying here, you can also hear the nostalgic sounds of the wild beasts in the night and get the tigers’ sights coming in the Kosi river in the early morning.

The Golden Tusk

The Golden Tusk

Staying in this resort, wildlife lovers will meet a delightful vacation in this Jim Corbett Park. It is located in the southern part of the tiger reserve, revitalizing Pool facilities of Pool, bonfire events gym center and spa, and wandering in the bouquet of mangoes orchard. The chilly winter days give a blissful environment for the tourists who come here to spend a relaxing moment of their vacation.

In the Wrap

Without further delay, book the hotels of your choice and preferences to make your trip the most prosperous one. Venturing in the Park, safaris will help you take you to the inner core of the jungle. For that, you have to obtain permits from the Jim Corbett Safari Booking to see the wild beasts moving in front of your eyes.

Attacks of Jumbos on National Highways near Jim Corbett Zones

Jim Corbett National Park

Wild Beasts try to cause harm to the humans if they see a call of danger from the other end. Many shocking incidents of animal attacks can be heard almost every day in newspapers or news channels. The roads inside the jungles or the wildlife sanctuaries sometimes become dangerous for humans to travel. The wild beasts become ferocious as they do not like human interference in their territory. It’s pretty natural, but it’s affecting the lives of humans badly. Jim Corbett National Park Safari Booking Online Here.

One terrible incident happened in Jim Corbett National Park An elephant attacked a car, which was passing from the National Highways 121, in Ramnagar, Uttarakhand. It has been reported by the forest department of Jim Corbett’s tiger reserve that two men were traveling in a car when suddenly an elephant encountered the vehicle, intending to harm the travelers.

An elephant attacked a car
Jim Corbett National Park

The incident occurred in the wee hours of the morning; the travelers were school teachers and on their way to work. It was their fortune that they managed to escape from this incident; otherwise, they have been killed by the elephants. The forest department immediately closed the roads at night and did not allow any buses or trucks to pass from this area.

This section of the NH121 is considered the elephant corridor, and such incidents of elephant attacks are often witnessed. In the year 2019, in this same place, an elephant attacked a bus passing from the Ramnagar station to some other district of Uttarakhand. It led to the death of one of its passengers, and some of the other passengers got injured. Opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to enter the park.

Tiger in Jim corbett

These attacks on the elephants cause many damages to humans, as the state government is looking towards these incidents. They have also instructed the truck loaded with food items and the buses not to halt in this area. The elephants come on the roads of Jim Corbett Park and do these mishaps for food. They think that the buses and trucks are loaded with food and other eateries, so they want to harm the humans to grab the food from their account. 

According to a 2015 survey, The wild elephant population in Jim Corbett has been estimated to over 1035 elephants living in this park. The population of jumbos has got a steep increase to their numbers which rose to 1400 that year. The forest department is trying to relocate these wildebeests to a proper place, far away from human existence, as they create ruckus every day on the highways. They usually reach this highway after crossing the Kosi river of the Jim Corbett area.

So, if you plan a trip to this park, opt for Jim Corbett Packages for better food and lodging and make a beautiful itinerary to see the wild beasts roaming in the jungle in their natural habitat.

Jim Corbett National Park – Heaven for Birdlife

Jim Corbett National Park

Discovering the different species of Himalayan birds in the foothill of the Kumaon range is a different experience that words cannot explain. There are approximately 660 types of bird species in Jim Corbett National Park. At Jim Corbett Park, advent for the Ramganga and Mandal rivers. They will overwhelm you with locals and drifter types of birds out there. 

Bird in Jim Corbett

The Dhikala zone is the perfect place for watching a vast collection of birds within the park. The forest is the visiting grounds for Ultramarine Flycatcher and Blue-winged Minla. Herons, Little and Spotted Fork tails are easy to spot in the park,  including the Long-billed Thrush and Magpie. Before you jump over to see these birds, you have to opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking, which will take you to the interior part of the forest to view the birds.

Type of Bird in Corbett

Birds need a perfect ecology and natural habitat to breed and survive- the Jim Corbett park endows them with the same. They love this place, and for so, they are the permanent residents of the forest. Jim Corbett also provides different beautiful birds who come here at the time of winter and stay there for a few months. 

The signature of a bird’s habitat is its identity. For instance, you may notice herons near water bodies, and the meadowlarks are pretty visible at open meadows. They have a streamlined body with colorful feathers covering their body. Jaws are covered with beaks. Some of the birds can also talk by initiating the humans, swim and even run. Birds can be categorized in different forms, their feeding types; their flying qualities distinguish them from others. The life span of birds varies according to their habitat; a Sulfur-crested Cockatoo can live for 80 years in a zoo or wildlife sanctuaries.

Cockatoo bird
Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Parkoffers a perfect destination for different flora and fauna species and wide ranges of birds. They create a lovely atmosphere throughout the park. Watching their activities, hearing their chirping sounds echo throughout the entire forest area soothes the ear. It rejuvenates the mind and soul of bird lovers, who come here to explore the variety of bird species. Studying their behavior, nature in the park is filled with fun and becomes an enriching experience for the birders.

If you cannot hold yourself to see the birds in Jim Corbett, go for Jim Corbett Packages. They will do all the hard chores, starting with booking the tickets, accommodation, fooding facilities, and obtaining tickets to enter the Park. Get out from the monotonous life schedule, free you from all the activities, enjoy the lovely nature, and habitats in the small district of Nainital.

Buses to Run in the Inner Core of Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve

Jim Corbett National Park, situated in the district of Nainital, has raised some issues regarding the plying of few buses in the jungle’s inner core. The state government has permitted a private transport sector to run their buses on the jungle roads. “Online Jim Corbett Safari Booking Here”.

With joint ventures with the state government and the forest department, they were allowed to do the same, recently, but here the question arises: would it be safe for the wildlife beasts who wander the entire forest region? Opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to venture into the inner core of the forest.

Numerous tragic incidents lead to the most unfortunate deaths of the innocent beats, by a running train or by motor vehicles or by buses and trucks that move to and from on the jungle roads. Recently some news went viral on the web that a train hit an elephant, who went to cross the railway tracks in the middle of midnight. These incidents are responsible for the decrease of the wildlife population of the Jim Corbett National Park.

Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett- the renowned hunter and the legendary revolutionist, led many efforts to save the tigers from extinction due to the unwanted killing of tigers by humans. Are we paying justice to the efforts of the hunter, who once thought that his revolution would be carried away by his fellow men, to save the tigers?

The state government has given strict orders to the transportation company that the ecological presence in the entire area would not be diverted, disturbing the animals’ natural existence. They should be protected from all sorts of danger, and the buses should run very slowly at the lowest speed when passing through the Jim Corbett National Park. It should not kill any animals residing in the forest, as their existence is essential for us. Their interference should not violate the region of the park.

Jim Corbett National Park
Jim Corbett National Park

Some of the wildlife lovers also opposed the date government’s decision, who approved the permission of plying buses in the inner core area of Jim CorbettPark. They said that this is not a good idea taken by the government; it would have a bitter outcome of decreasing the park’s wildlife animals. The government cannot form a handsome revenue from this initiative and thus, should ignore the petition.

The Park has a wide range of flora and fauna, including the Royal Bengal Tiger, Hyena, Indian Jackal, Reptiles, elephants, birdlife, and other dangerous beasts. You will be lucky enough if you opt for Jim Corbett Packages for a stress less journey with your family, friends, and your beloved one.

Explore The Camping Sites In The Jim Corbett Region

Ironically the most fabulous place for camping is in the mountain regions- on the leeward side of the mountain ranges of Aravali and Vindhya ranges. Camping in the Jim Corbett National Park gives the campers the wildest moments of their lifetime. It is full of fun, thrill, and also excitement. They can witness the pollution-free environment in the green meadows, witnessing the birds’ most beautiful views and the animals residing in the jungle.

Camping Sites In The Jim
Jim Corbett National Park

Some tips for the campers and must follow when you are out for camping-

  • To stay healthy at the high altitude, carry water and bananas on the journey.
  • Keep extra ropes and stakes with you if you are on the mountainside.
  • As the wind blows much faster in the mountain ranges, keep extra blankets and oxygen cylinders with you to cope up with the high altitude.

While camping in the wildlife sanctuaries like Jim Corbett National Park, you can also opt for a jungle safari in Jim Corbett’s jungle.Here are few campsites where you can make your trip the most memorable one.

Corbett Bijrani Camp

This jungle camp endows with lush green grassland, with a pleasant calm ambiance all around. With the most generous hospitality, you will fill some special activities in your itinerary, like jungle safari, fishing, etc. lazing around the wild is a fantastic experience for the campers. Jim Corbett Safari Booking is a must to escort the safaris.

Camp Corbett

This is situated in the Kumaon region, with an exquisite resort amidst the thick forest, bestows fun and adventurous activities to the campers. While staying in this resort, you can see glimpses of the rarest species of the earth.

Camp Riverwild Resort

Due to one of the best picturesque locations, this campsite has enlisted its name in the Jim Corbett Zone’s topmost ranks. This area is decorated with little huts to give the apt ambiance and true feeling of camping in the middle of the rich flora and fauna of the Jim Corbett National Park. It also offers all the amenities for camping by the forest guides.

WildRift Camp Kyari

This resort is nestled at the height of 2800 ft. from the foothill. It gives a perfect picture of nature, and spotting the wildlife is relatively easy from this camping site. Here you can meet the villagers and the locals of the Jim Corbett zone, also accompany a guide with you, as the forest is full of wild beasts, which can be dangerous for you.

Thus, if you are a travel enthusiast and fond of camping, this place is worth it for all campers. You can also book Jim Corbett Packages, who will guide you in every moment and make your journey stress-free and convenient.

Hunting For A New Gateway For The Delhi Locales To Jim Corbett National Park

Enveloped within the mountain ranges of Aravalli and Vindhya ranges, there is forest, reckoned as the wild cats’ home-Jim Corbett National Park. As we know, the forest got its name from the famous legendary hunter Jim Corbett, whose tremendous effort sparks in the entire forest and on its residents. Many tourists from different countries come to this place to enchant the Royal Bengal Tigers’ presence in the woods. But some of the visitors want their journey to be shorter and less hectic.

 Royal Bengal Tigers
Jim Corbett National Park

Wildlife lovers from the Delhi NCR region always express their grief for their long and hectic journey to this park. A few days back, they got excited with the news that Uttarakhand’s state government is making a new gateway for these people from Kotdwar, making their journey short and easy.

The government authorities are adventuring for a new route to bring the park closer to Delhi. This will cut down 80 kilometers of driving distance from Delhi to Jim Corbett National Park. To date, the only route which is accessible for the visitors from Delhi is via Ramnagar to Jim Corbett Park.

The distance from Delhi to the tiger reserve is over 280 kilometers; with the new route, the distance will be cut down to 200 kilometers. The route will come via Phakharo. Many tourists, especially the elderly persons, eventually cancel their trip to Jim Corbett due to the long-distance, which makes trouble for them. The new route will come with a greater relief to the people of Delhi. The central government has approved the permit for the new gateway to the Jim Corbett Tiger Reserve.

The park was established in 1936 with a prime aim to conserve the tigers from extinction and preserve the forest to enrich our planet’s biodiversity. It is located in Nainital, surrounded by many water bodies, open meadows, and plateaus. Its entire territory ranges over 500 square kilometers, with beautiful terrain, making the region a treat for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. Love for nature has exploded here, on an open gypsy or by an elephant ride in the Jim Corbett forest.

Jim Corbett National Park

The forest is the sole home for many species like- hyenas, big cats, reptiles, deer, elephants, birds, prairie dogs, and other rare species. It also offers a plethora of other recreational activities to the visitors, like fishing, river angling, river rafting, etc. Both the summer and winter season is the best time to explore the forest. Opt for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to enjoy the rides on an open gypsy.

The Jim Corbett Packages offers the best quality of accommodation, food, and transport. They take all the responsibility from your shoulder and make your trip to the tiger reserve the most memorable one.

Giant 11 Foot King Cobra Rescued From Kyari Village

Lockdown has become practical for both humans and nature. Climate is becoming more apparent, and it had made animals and birds happy. They are easily roaming around without worrying about human civilization. As lockdown continues due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are witnessing many incidents throughout India. Some of them are very interesting yet frightening.” Jim Corbett National Park Booking Online Here”.

In these incidents, coming out of snakes has become another remarkable agenda. Especially in Uttarakhand, people are getting more scared of the snake coming out during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Foot King Cobra in Jim Corbett

The surrounding area of Jim Corbett National Park has become one of the favorite places for snakes. Usually, this Himalayan forested wildlife sanctuary is famous for its biodiversity and tiger reserve. This forest is home to over 586 species of migratory birds, 33 species of reptiles, 36 species of dragonflies, and seven amphibians. Many people come here for Jim Corbett Safari Booking to enjoy the thrill of this national park.

However, the thrill is still there, even without tourists. As we mentioned before, this wildlife sanctuary is witnessing many incidents during the lockdown. One such thrilling incident is an 11-foot tall giant King Cobra entering Kyari village at Ramnagar. This small village is located around a mango orchard and thick trees, closer to Jim Corbett. Many tourists come here to enjoy their vacation while witnessing perfect natural surroundings.

According to our sources, the local people of Kyari village first found this giant King Cobra in a water canal. Then, they informed the recuse team of the forest department. Many residents from other villages gathered to see the 11 foot King Cobra. This is not the first time when the villages of Ramnagar have witnessed the snake coming incidents. This is why the forest representatives have asked the villagers to alert the rescue team as soon as they find any poisoned snake. It will help them to avoid any dangerous incident regarding snakes coming out.

According to Pradeep Rawat, the director of De Floresta Resort, this King Cobra weighed around 7.5 kg. The species of this snake is among the longest poisoned snakes in the world. However, they usually don’t bite anyone as they are afraid of humans.

On the other hand, the villagers have to be more careful about these snakes. The rescue team had instructed the villagers to alert them as soon as possible instead of killing the snake.